Etalon Uralmash-1 SU-101 — the most bronezaschischennaya ACS

September 44. The plant "Uralmash" begins mass production of self-propelled guns SU-100 — 1st of the best secondary weapons WW2. Caliber 100 mm gun battle, good for its time and maneuverability body armor. There were also shortcomings, so appropriate for this type of self-propelled guns. Departure of long-barreled guns led to difficulty maneuvering in confined spaces, the center of mass created an overload of front rollers, as a consequence, hiking mount ACS could not withstand the loads. The future development of long-barreled self-propelled guns based on the T-34 does not seem likely. To address the technical problems required a brand new database. The plant "Uralmash" in summer '44, began the development of new self-propelled guns based on various Russian tanks. October 44. The plant is a technical council tank industry following projects:
— type of self-propelled artillery system with a gun D-25 caliber 122 mm — SU-122P. ACS is made in metal and is tested;
— type of self-propelled artillery system with a gun D-10S caliber 100 mm — ESG-100. ACS was designed with an electronic box and had the rear placement of the crew compartment;
— type of self-propelled artillery system with a gun D-10S caliber 100 mm — SU-100-M-1. ACS had use recomposed aggregate portion of the T-34. Had the rear placement of the crew compartment;
— type of self-propelled artillery system with a gun D-10S caliber 100 mm — SU-100-M-2. ACS should use the engine-2-assembly units 44 and from the T-44. Had the rear placement of the crew compartment;
— type of self-propelled artillery system with a gun D-25 122mm — SU-122-44. ACS should use an assembly of units of T-44. Had a frontal placement of the crew compartment.

Sample "Uralmash-1" SU-101 - the most bronezaschischennaya ACS

Technical council decision, the best draft SPG — SU-100-M-2. According to the order tankopromyshlennosti Commissar of 10/21/44, the number 625, the plant begins to create the standard SU-100-M-2 for testing. ACS came out surprisingly small-sized. Weight of the machine did not go beyond the armored vehicles of the middle class, booking ACS could be greatly increased. In '45, the Commission of the People's Commissar tankopromyshlenosti acquainted with the work remains satisfied with the situation and specify the term creation of the first reference to May 45. The standard is the title of "Uralmash-1."

March 45. The plant rapidly makes two standard ACS — SU-101 and SU-102. SU-101 — ACS with a gun D-10S, 100 mm caliber, and SU-102 — with a gun D-25S 122mm. Both the standard were built by the appointed time. Additionally gun mount enclosure was made to test for armor protection.

The unit SU-101
Type of self-propelled artillery system SU-101 was created on the basis of units of T-44 and T-34-85. ACS refers to a class of armored vehicles as antitank weapon. ACS project after the test, offered to modify and use on the proven basis of the SU-101 is more massive with a huge caliber guns. The layout of the ACS used the ready fodder crew compartment. The MTO scheme — front location. Place the driver-mechanic left in the forward compartment, right, placed the engine with the mechanisms of the box. In the control room, reinforced armor left of the gun, the gunner sits behind him commander of the machine, right from the gun sits loader. To inspect the battlefield equipped with automatic control devices MK-4. Log into the machine through the hatch, located in the aft cabin and the body is placed on the cabin hatch commander, driver-mechanic hatch fitted in the department of management. SAU carried on for themselves rifled tool D-10S, 100 mm caliber, previously used in the type of self-propelled artillery system SU-100. Apart from that, SAU had a large caliber machine gun 12.7 mm DShK. The gun had vertical pointing angle from 2 to 18 degrees horizontal angle pointing sectorally 22.5 degrees. For the production of direct-fire used telescopic sight TSH-19. For a shot out of a cannon from the closed position using a panorama of Hertz. The rate of fire of the guns fired three shots per minute. SPG Ammo — 36 guns and ammunition for the machine gun 450. Machine gun mounted on the turret which is mounted on a movable base commander's hatch. Vertical guidance gun from 84 to -6 degrees. For firing at enemy targets by air gunner uses sight collimator type. When fighting a machine gun can be used to destroy ground targets.

Sample "Uralmash-1" SU-101 - the most bronezaschischennaya ACS

Armor Class ACS — protivosnaryadny. ACS used in the manufacture of armor rolled sheets of 15 to 120 mm. Structurally, the sheet is set to the calculated angles. Head-armored execution ACS — 90 mm, with an angle of 27 degrees, the armor cutting — lists 120 mm, set at an angle of 55 degrees. To provide a smokescreen aft cabin with 2 pieces out of the smoke charge. In the compartment with the MTO, which is placed in the bow of the ACS, installed longitudinally in the DD-44, motor power of 500 hp To start the engine using the starter ST-700 or the air from the 2 cylinders installed. Fuel tanks can hold 370 liters. diesel fuel, spare tanks can hold 360 liters. diesel fuel. The stated range of the — 167 km.

Box design replicates the design of units of T-34-85. Changes in the structure associated with the location of the main office and transport equipment in the bow of the ACS. Chassis is similar to the T-44, which took off mover caterpillar tracks and personal torsion bar suspension. EO ACS — single-wire type. Lighting set with the introduction wire circuitry. On board there was tension in the SAU 12 and 24 volts. Source — 4th Battery Battery type 6STE-128, the battery capacity is 256 A * h To ensure external communication radio 9RS used for communication inside the machine used peregovorniki TPU-3-BIS-F. In addition, there was a light-signaling and communication tankofon for the commander and driver-mechanic.

Sample "Uralmash-1" SU-101 - the most bronezaschischennaya ACS

The fate of the SU-101
Fall '45. Factory tests are standard SU-101. In the course of the tests identified and eliminated or modified the various technical difficulties. ACS at the end of industrial tests considered ready for combat testing polygon. Standard entitled "Uralmash-1" is sure to be superior to many features previously made by ACS. The car got a small scale, are better maneuvering ability, more comfortable for the entry and exit of the crew. Raising hell armor up compactness ACS. The hulls resistance tests showed up, surpassing all the housing available at the time of tanks and self-propelled guns. Armor in front of the ACS was not available for all of the anti-tank ammunition German army. A weight SPG SU-101 is the weight of the T-34-85. Not without its flaws. Free space in the car was less than even
the SU-100. With the shooting had the impact of the shock waves on the roof of the enclosure. Maybe the totality of these and other factors (victory in WW2, start reducing the number of troops and weapons, a huge number of already issued ACS, armament army tank T-54 with a 100 mm gun) did not have allowed the SU-101 continue to exist. The work on the ACS initially stopped, and after it is terminated. Now SU-101 as a historical reference Russian Union military power, is in VIM BTViT on Kubinka.

Sample "Uralmash-1" SU-101 - the most bronezaschischennaya ACS

The main characteristics of ACS:
— weight of 34,800 pounds;
— The crew 4;
— Year of construction 1945 standard;
— length of 7.12 meters;
— width of 3.11 meters;
— height of 2.6 meters;
— Clearance 42 cm;
— speed up to 50 km / h;
— rise up to 34 degrees;
— obstacle height of 120 cm;
— trench up to 3.5 meters;
— ford to 150 cm

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