Etna volcano began erupting again

February 20, 2013. Etna volcano on the early morning of 19 February started first in 2013 eruption. From the active crater flowed streams of hot lava, accompanied by strong emissions of volcanic gas from the bowels of Mount Etna.

For the next eruption a few weeks ago pointed out the growing signs of an imminent seismic activity. First, on January 22 2013 year at the new south-eastern crater were found bright flashes and fragmented emission of lava that can be seen even from the foothills of Sicily. Since the volcano watch more than a decade, these events were classified as harbingers of the eruption, which is not long to wait.

Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe. Besides, these and most active volcano, lava and gas emissions from the crater is almost never fail. In the past year eruption occurred at the Bocca Nuova crater in the period from 10 to 20 January. In 2011, then, as the volcano erupts Etna, can be seen even from space.


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