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— It is the Lord gives a sign that Mishan win! — Decided voters spilled out onto balconies

— Berry, currant, I'm back home! Photo by Sergei Ivanov.

Joker-Mockingbird Mikhail Evdokimov believe, except in his native Altai region. There, he has long been a weighty figure.

— In his native village church was built, roads paved with asphalt! — Say the villagers. — Anyway — my man, Shukshin …

Here is the most "Shukshin man" who called for electoral rolls Governor Surikov not otherwise Altai-bashi, and won the second round.

On the night before the election there was a miracle. At midnight barnaultsy saw that the moon is framed by a strange glowing disc.

— It is the Lord gives a sign that Mishan win! — Decided voters spilled out onto balconies.

The entire campaign Evdokimov led from the village of Upper Ob, where he Solid two-storey house on a steep bank of the Katun. It was there in the summer he visited Putin.

The morning after the election if the village had died.

— And where are the people, why not celebrate? — Knock on the window.

— Yeah naprazdnovalis! — Muttered sleepily local resident Gennady Mikhailov. — We have all the village before the election heated the bath …

— What for?

— Well, of course — Bath … face red … — Gennady vague answers, painfully recalling the quote from famed Evdokimov humorous pieces. — A sign of this.

Needless to say, that in his village artist won by a wide margin.

— We love it — admitted to us the chief accountant Marina Neverova, odnoselchanka Evdokimov. — And nothing that they say he is drinking. Drunk've never seen …

On the eve of the election security forces blocked the approaches to the Barnaul airport. It was found that 468 people with a military bearing arrived from Moscow on three sides.

Altai was agog rumor that flew some brigade, whose mission — to disrupt the elections. Airport cordoned off, and the "troops" were placed in the waiting room. When the guests realize that their city may not be allowed, said they arrived at the election. As observers. In the pre-election headquarters of candidates flew to disown.

Intruders sent back to Moscow. The exact answer to the question, which led the military in Barnaul on the eve of the election, do not give anybody …

Curiously, Joseph Kobzon, Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina and Hope Babkin not come to campaign for Evdokimov, and for Surikov. And Babkin initially supported the comedian.

Kobzon also campaigned in a strange way — at first complained about the bad roads in Barnaul and not a very good service (at the hotel he was offered a set menu, and he wanted scrambled eggs). And then admitted that he personally familiar with Surikov, but friends have recommended here …

Yesterday on the bus people discussing the change of power.

— Sam voted for Misha, and now I can not believe it — confessed middle-aged man. — A feeling that he now declares: "Guys, joking …"


New farm Evdokimov

When traveling abroad, Mikhail Evdokimov can now boast: he commands the edge of the territory of which (169,000 sq. km.) Could easily accommodate two or four Holland Portugal.

Not joking reply comedian will have a life of 12 cities and 726 villages.

The farm had — 2 million 600 thousand people, 1 million 100 thousand cows and calves (third place in Russia) and 700 thousand pigs (4th place).

At the 10 men in the Altai, accounting for 11 women. The subjects of the new owner went to the edge of the poor. On March 1 in Altai over 1 billion rubles of wage arrears. And indeed the salary — to 67-th place in Russia. Although the fees with the people gone?

Altai people eat little meat — only 45 kg per person per year, compared to 70 kg, tuck in Moscow. But lean on potatoes — 170 pounds at his brother, and in Moscow — only 60. Crying on Evdokimov diet!


"Factor Putin" did not work?

Altai voters proved that people stronger elite

Mikhail Evdokimov victory — this, of course, the result of the protest vote. But not only that.

The formula for success Evdokimov — fame (he is one of the most famous people in the region), a lot of support from a number of financial and industrial groups, and most importantly — correct tactics. Evdokimov headquarters as efficiently play the card of its popularity. Comedian went to the people, talked with voters directly, and believed him. With that, he did not present any coherent program or future team.

Surikov also went the traditional route, preferring to negotiate with the elites and relying on administrative resources. The apotheosis of his election campaign was held on the eve of the second round meeting with Putin. The masses thus hinted who actually supports the president. But this hitherto acted flawlessly reception did not work. That in itself can be considered a sensation.

Ordinary voters Altai demonstrated: they — the power of which can not be ignored nor politicians nor bureaucrats. It seems that we are witnessing the beginning of a change voter attitudes — from indifference and resignation to protest. And this factor to politicians and political consultants have to consider when preparing for the upcoming campaign.

Sergei Popov. ("KP" — Barnaul "). Department of Economics "KP". Sergei Yuriev.


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