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Revered since ancient times in Russia "good host" — brownie and did not like "evil", which is also in the homes of vodilas. No, not only flies, mice and other domestic creature that physical contagion spreads. But some invisible creatures, which supposedly are our soul. What is this mysterious creature? Do they exist in reality? And if so, what are they?

At school and university textbooks answers to these questions, we now can not find. But they are in the esoteric literature, it seems, we are talking about the inhabitants of the small world of our planet — the astral entities. Its diversity is considered esoteric, they are not inferior to the variety of the world's animal. Some people do not interact with the other person, by contrast, actively feed our bodies more power and revive it, the website prediction.

There are "astral parasites." They attach themselves to our body (but not to the physical, and to thin) and feed it with energy. They are not villains and personally against us have nothing, they just want to eat. But we that does not help if they are to penetrate the aura of a human body (heart, liver, lungs), then deprived of its normal power and should be able to bring to the disease. Moreover, in contrast to the "earth" viruses are able to cause disease is not only the physical but also the mental

Directly, we usually do not feel them. Is that indirectly at first appears strange feeling of anxiety, depression, becomes restless sleep — sometimes with an unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the chest as if someone leans on top. After some time, reduced working capacity, deteriorating health, quite often there are unexplained seizures and mysterious debilitating disease. There is an occult hypothesis that astral infection can even cause cancer. In this case, doctors can not find any specific disease, talk about the "chronic fatigue syndrome", etc.

There are primitive creatures such as terrestrial bacteria or amoebas. There are much more complex creatures — they can be compared with our insects or animals. And there are quite reasonable "otherworldly" nature. Imperceptibly influencing us, some of them can bring to the very serious mental disorders. Maybe it is their church calls "demons", and there are painful condition — obsession? There are cases (though extremely rare), by order, appear in a certain place and someone grabs their intended victim. Such an attack is usually caused by black magic.

Someone will say: "The fiction stories." Well, that served to time thought so, and scientists. But today, science is beginning to change my mind. Confirmed our idea of genius KE Tsiolkovsky: next to us live unseen "essential" creature density is significantly lower than that of our usual biological forms. Within three years, the Italian scientist L. Bocconi in his lab conducted observations of a hitherto unknown "essential" life forms. The newest equipment yielded impressive results, and photos. It has become clear — we live among a huge number of invisible life forms! The Italians call them "critters". The reality of these creatures lies beyond the threshold of sensitivity of the human eye: most often they are fixed appliances in the dark in the infrared and the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. However, sometimes the sensors "hear" them and feel their temperature …

No less interesting results have recently received our domestic researchers academician Okhatrin and his staff have been made photos tonkoenergeticheskih entities associated with human activity. They were called "clusters." The photographs show clearly not only bundles of energy given off by a man during an intense experience, but also subtle parasites, to introduce into the human body.

Some of the inhabitants of the small world of our own by our imagination, strong emotions or thoughts nervous situation, painful emotions reckless and impure thoughts create and relevant astral creatures. We're not just talking about the information properties of things and the room. So, the apartment is not only has the ability to "remember" the thoughts and feelings of their tenants Its power can attract and "outsiders", according to the law "like that — similar to the" it will be attracted foreign invisible entity. Well, if your house is constantly "prescribed" positive emotions — the aliens will only reinforce the positive atmosphere. And it is worthless if the room is "soiled" information "mud."

All of our thought forms live only by fueling their related energy. Without a "charge" they gradually weaken, melt, turning into a shapeless gray fog, and die. After all, they are mortal, they have no souls. And they are all, to some extent vampires. In order to absorb energy, they try not only to its creator, but other people put in a condition like that in which they were born. And (Warning) vampiriziruyuschimi properties have any strong feelings — and the negative and positive. "In all know the measure," — said the ancient unbridled joy can extort from us no less force than inconsolable grief.

Try to avoid the house of the people that cause you the slightest hostility. And in the bedroom — no one at all, even close friends. Remember, "your house — your castle."

Very bad energy remains in the room where at least some of the time were drunk or drug addicts. So after a long feast must be "clean" apartment carefully. But "information cleansing" occasionally useful to any room. How to do it? A little later …

Otherworldly evil loves cluttered space, especially the corners, where months of accumulated dust and debris: there waiting for her energetic makeup. There she swaddle their "nest." The same way it affects the whole psychological atmosphere at home (especially nagleya during "night raids"). The conclusion is obvious: it regularly to get rid of trash and dust, especially in confined areas.

There is another kind of invisible parasites. This lower astral entities — a kind of "astral mold", which is powered subtle energy of decomposition, decay, rotting — the one that stands out as perishable earthly products. Unwashed dishes, even a crumb of food left on the table (not to mention Failure to Render time bin), are attracted to your home for the "night feast" astral evil. And if otherworldly creatures you like it, get rid of them will not be easier than on the cockroaches.

By the way, it may seem strange, dining table — one of the most energy "dirty" places in the apartment. Gathering people around him recharges its variety of thoughts, which, like traces of food, attracted to him astral evil. Feel how belief cushion on the table — a disease? Like a sponge, it will soak up the bad emanations, and you'll draw them in the night …

Attract astral entities in the house and can be inadvertently. Do not make the living room, and especially do not place anything on top of the bed clothes in which you were among random people (in transport, crowd, etc.). "Engorged" is not known what radiation, these clothes are almost sure to attract unwanted spirit to the place of your sleep. For the same reason, do not walk around the room in street shoes. By the way, did not say whether this is another old superstition associated with the table: "Put the shoes on the table — unfortunately"? So how did the clean room of tonkoenergeticheskih parasites?

Some methods have come to us from the ancient times. Thus, virtually all people believed that the sound of metal and purifying effect on the human body and the surrounding nature. All sorts of bells, chimes and bells from time immemorial served as a means, scare away evil spirits and evil spirits. Even in ancient Greece during the mysteries of the priests beat on the metal bowls. Ringing of bells could be heard not only during the holidays, funerals or thunderstorms, but during epidemics. Modern science has confirmed the wisdom of our ancestors. Established disinfectant action of bell ringing. It was found that low-frequency vibrations and infrasound bells not only contribute to the destruction of pathogens — streptococci, cholera sticks and other bacteria, but even small rodents at a considerable distance from the church. Science has made and his own discoveries. One of them, most of the negative beings of the subtle world is destroyed by sharp emission energy. For example, loud shots (starting gun, party poppers …), high-voltage electrical discharges, flash lamps. Perfect cleaning effect is ionization rooms using an ultraviolet lamp or domestic high-ionizers.

However, the action of the sharp and loud bangs, like, knew in medieval Europe, Witches, as they said, "vyhlestyvali": on the eve on the crossroads young guys to midnight lashed with whips crosswise. It was believed that where there were audible clicks pests, witches lose their power. With the same purpose in different countries were firing their guns. And not only in the Walpurgis or New Year's Eve, but also during weddings. (Maybe our celebratory fireworks have the same roots?).

It is not one person I've heard of strange flashes of light in the sky. I myself had seen them: neither of which did not storm out of the question. Who knows, maybe these silent flashes of lightning and deafening peals of nature cleans itself from the "astral evil"? And maybe not for nothing that in Russia it was believed that thunder prophet Elijah riding a fiery chariot across the sky, "kill the devil, who is in hiding while addressing at the same time in different types of" ["Russian people", 1880.]. Excellent cleaning effect and gives the other tested method — a naked flame candles, lamps, fireplaces, fire … This fire not only gives warmth and sows but also refines around psycho-energetic atmosphere. I'm sure every once witnessed such a beneficial effect open fire: next to it disappears vanity, people calm down, deep into themselves, they are attracted to the philosophical conversation. There is the open flame is something fascinating, mystical. May be right esoterica, who claim that the flame belongs to two worlds at the same time: and ours, apparently — the physical and the subtle world — the "beyond" that influences our psyche?

Another way — to set fire to the room a sprig of dried wormwood (just do not burn anything falling sparks — I have the sad experience): burning mugwort provides an excellent cleaning effect. With such an open fire (candle, lamp, smoldering sage, juniper, incense sticks …) we need to get around the room at least three times, paying special attention to the corners. However, there does not seem to play a role and the smell of …

By the way, about the smell. Indirect sign of congestion lower astral creatures can be a bad smell. And without any apparent reason was. I recall a case with my friends. In their apartment somehow gradually get rid of odors: kind of a mixture of mustiness and horse sweat. They have been looking for a reason (maybe that spoiled?), But to no avail. I advised to start with the corners — to clear them from the rubbish and dust. What did. Then thoroughly wash all the nooks and crannies, "cleaned" the room lit candle, "sparkler", sprinkled with holy water from a spray bottle out of the church, clicked flash … And what do you think? Smell, which steadfastly remained in the apartment for several months, disappeared almost immediately … And, as the saying goes, "like cures like." Turns out, the smell can be used against the very essential parasites. Evaporation of some liquids prevents their concentration does not give them a "stick together" and to increase their power. (And this is important: I agree, it is one thing, if you are bitten by a wasp, and quite another — to lash out when angry swarm.) What is this stuff?

Sometimes offered to clean the psychological atmosphere of the house to use the church incense. But well to incense only high quality — but it's pretty rare. Experts recommend to place around the home saucers with a solution of camphor in vinegar. Another option — to pour into the saucer well dilute nitric acid.

But perhaps one of the most tried and tested means — garlic. Different people have used it not only healing, but also a "magical" properties. Together with its leaves laid out for the night (or even a few days) in a "bad place", and then have carried away and burned. That there was a calm sleep, cut into small slices garlic put at the head of the bed. Pressed garlic worn as an amulet. All this, as it was considered protective against the wiles of evil forces.

The Council also before the arrival of bad man in the room expanded bulbs — they are supposedly being drawn its harmful emanations. I do not know how you can believe this, but the property of bulbous plants to absorb pollutants from the air has long been known, for example, at the end of the last century by the English miners were forbidden to take the bulbs in the face for lunch they are so intensely absorbed underground gases that are toxic.

Nightmares, poor sleep children too often associated with the "pollution" of our homes with lower astral entities. Children are very sensitive to their appearance. Says the author of the article: "One day my grandson came to visit, has flatly refuse to sleep on the sofa," I dream terrible dreams there. " Checked. Church candle to this place popped, sparks and guttering dark wax — a sure sign of the presence of negative energy. Burned out this evil, for five minutes, already climbed to the ceiling — while not banging stopped. Since then we make this operation periodically, and sleeps Danilka fine. "

Incidentally, the same method can "purify" and the body. Reins of a burning candle along the spine and around the diseased organs. In the "bad" places it at first, too, will pop and smoke. Clean the house, drive out "evil" is necessary. But it turns out, not always! Remember the custom of luck to close the road, after seeing them in the house does not sweep, let alone take out the garbage. This is a "superstition" can try to explain. After the deceased in the house are generated by them and close to them in the spirit of the astral beings. And it is not always good. If, not yet weakened, with the trash "exorcise" the house, they are easy to find in the way of their "relatives" and acting on their subconscious. May cause an accident — because the way we are most vulnerable … Each time, after reaching his home. Danilka calls: "Grandfather, we have already arrived. Can you clean up … "

There are also psychological methods of dealing with unwanted thought forms. Their rule of thumb is that imagination created, imagination can be destroyed. How? If you realize. What's in your room moved (or left from the visitor) harmful thought pattern. To begin with, imagine it for myself, for example, in a gray cloud. Then mentally imagine how it explodes, will be smashed into tiny pieces. And these pieces. Flushing and burning, as in salute, fall into the water. Where is finally dissolved.

And, of course, it is important not only to get rid of negative entities. But also attract positive energy into the house. More often invite guests to a good and kind people, hang on the walls of such "positive magnets" as icons and sacred images, peaceful landscapes and still lifes. Sometimes advise mentally draw a fiery crosses on the walls of the ceiling …

And still the main means not the case. No way to "cleanse" will not help for long, if the house will continue to reign supreme atmosphere nagging, anger. Taunts, insults … No wonder they used to say in Russia: "Kol no cross in the shower, and then cross on the lintel is not salvation."

Vitaly Pravdivtsev


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