Expedition for the elixir of youth is over!




Marina Mordovina

Elixir of youth — a cherished dream of all the people who want to live, if not forever, then as long as possible. Unfortunately, so far no one has managed to create a miracle drug. However, the real life extension — not a utopia. The secret of rejuvenation is, it is simple, like all brilliant.

At least a lot of people touched this mystery, have managed to achieve real results. There are devoted to it and we in Russia.

Secret Mission

…When the English Colonel Henry Bradford at the end of the 30s of the last century has returned to his homeland Tibet, they are interested in intelligence. He was leaving a decrepit old man, and came back a youthful, fit man, who appeared to give no more than forty years. It appeared to him, the only person from the civilized world, managed to penetrate the inner sanctum — a Tibetan monastery in which they live Lama holding secret fountain of youth. Exploration asked the colonel to organize courses on the "Tibetan ritual actions" — special exercises. Of the 49 people touched the mystery, 9 were intelligence officers and their assistants, and the rest were the control group guinea pigs, drawn from different walks of life. From the very start of the experiment, participants began to show a phenomenal ability. Besides the obvious health and rejuvenation, a quarter of the side effects were found involved — the paranormal.

Naturally there was a question about the preparation of the expedition to Tibet led by Colonel Bradford. German agents on assignment enjoys mystery of Hitler and his entourage have long hunted for Tibet, trying to enter the Great Initiates and gather as much information as occult-applied nature. Britain did not want to give in this area of the Germans.

The expedition was equipped almost simultaneously with the German. The participants get to Tibet from different parts of the world under different names. On his return report was classified, but it is known that the contacts with some of the Immortals held. Colonel Bradford later took part in the preparation of the book "The Eye of the revival," which discussed the methodology of healing the body through simple exercises. But the book did not found a mass audience — people were not willing to take great knowledge …

Eye of revival

In Tibet there is a legend about a monastery in the mountains, llamas that live forever. "… Because no matter how much has been destroyed by time or ailing, hardship or cloying human body, revive his eyes Eye of Heaven, and will return the youth, and health and life force will utter." Old and ailing Henry Bradford, who served in India, knew the legend. One day he went to the bazaar to the lama — the stranger from distant places and asked, "Where is the monastery that holds the fountain of youth?" He was eager to get to this place, that the desire is left unanswered.

Vortices Tibetan

The monks explained to Mr. Bradford, that the human body has 19 energy centers — "vortex". "The only difference between youth and old age, health and disease — said the colonel — is the difference between the modes of operation of" vortices ". Sufficient cause "vortices" in order, and the old man will again become young. " For this, there are five simple ritual actions or exercise, wearing the code name "Five Tibetans". There is one, the sixth, the extra.

The first action accelerates the "vortices", giving them the rotation speed and stability. We must stand up straight and stretched out to the side at shoulder arms to rotate around its axis in a clockwise direction from left to right. Start with a three-speed, gradually bringing them up to 21 (this number applies to the other four exercises). To avoid dizziness before the start of the rotation lock glance at some point and did not lose sight of as soon as possible back to it in the rotation.

The second action fills the "vortices" etheric force. Lying on your back (on the mat), extend your arms along the body and push the palm of your hand with fingers together tightly to the floor. Feet together. Exhale. On the inhale (soft and very deep) lift your head and press your chin to the sternum. Then, keeping the pelvis, legs straight, lift straight up. Your knees do not bend. Slowly lower your head and feet at the same time making a smooth and full exhalation.

The third act. Kneeling, place them on the width of the pelvis to the thigh located vertically. The palm rest on the lower surface of the thigh muscles under your buttocks. Tilt your head forward and push the chin to the sternum. Exhale. Breathing slowly and fully, drop your head up and back, puffed out his chest and spread rotten to the spine back. Then exhale slowly return to the starting position with the chin pressed against the sternum.

Act IV. Sit on the floor and stretch out in front of the straight legs with feet positioned shoulder width apart. Straighten your spine, put the palm of your hand with closed fingers on the floor on either side of the buttocks (fingers pointing forward). The chin is pressed against the sternum. On breath zaprokinte head up and back, then leaning on his arms and bending your knees, lift your pelvis to the level of the knees. Hips, torso and head are in the same horizontal plane, leg and hand — vertically as the table legs. In this position, strongly tensing all the muscles of the body, hold your breath. Then relax and exhale, return to the starting position with the chin pressed against the chest.

The fifth action. Starting position — stop lying, caved. The body rests on the palm and fingertips feet. The knees and hips do not touch the floor. Hands are closed and straight ahead. The distance between your hands and your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. At full exhalation zaprokinte cave in and head back. After a pause and a full inspiration, go to a position in which the body resembles an acute angle with the apex pointing upward. Simultaneously press the chin to the sternum. Arms and legs are straight. Pause, and then exhale fully return to its original position stop lying.

During the first week should do the exercises three times a day. During the second — 5 times, the third — 7 times, and so up to 21 times a day. Rearrange them and deliver in time is impossible, but you can set in the morning and in the evening 10 times 11 times — always full. Under no circumstances should there be overload and exhaustion! Between each exercise should stand up straight, put his hands on her waist and make 3 — 4 full of smooth inhalation and exhalation. After exercise you can not swim in the river, take a cold shower. And finally, and most importantly, start doing these exercises, you can not throw them.

The sixth action is performed only in the presence of acute sexual desire. It transforms the sexual energy and stores it in the body to be used in critical moments. For those who are sexually active, it is better not to perform. So, standing up straight, take a deep breath, tighten your pelvic floor and the bottom of the anterior abdominal wall, and then quickly lean forward with his hands on hips, and rapidly exhale through the mouth with the sound of "ha-ha-a-x-x-x ' trying to remove all the air out of the lungs completely, including the so-called residual. After that, as far as possible gather in the stomach due to intense lifting up the diaphragm and abdominal wall relax and straighten up. Chin be pressed to ass recess hands lie at the waist. After enduring a retracted position with the stomach as long as possible, relax the diaphragm, lift your head and as calmly as possible, take a deep breath. Good breath, repeat. Do not make the exercise more than three times!

Exercise, experts say, can be performed in any place and at any time of the day. It is best to engage in the morning, before breakfast, but you can practice and in the early evening, before dinner. The one who does it, sleep deeper, and the time required for night sleep less. But do not do them before going to bed: they give vigor and will be more difficult to fall asleep. If you want to quickly get positive results, go in the morning and in the evening. Do not proceed to the gym earlier than three hours after a meal.

Does not all have to aspire to the coveted number 21. Unaffordable for the body burden will lead to the opposite result. Finally, the deal can only be the case if you feel healthy. You should not tempt fate to those who have recently had surgery or suffers from a disease of the cardiovascular system. Special care should be the people who suffer from back pain.

Great Initiates

These exercises are opened for us dedicated to the ancient Tibetan science Siderskiy Andrew, known as a translator of Russian-speaking reader of books of Carlos Castaneda, Richard Bach, Sri Swami Sivananda and Peter Kelder.

History dating Andrew Siderskiy with the "Five Tibetans" by itself is intriguing. In 1993, he came to the United States, the city of Pocono Hills, at a global conference yogis. There he was invited to spend in Santa Cruz (CA), workshops for professionals. It was there that he met Ian Autstrima, youthful-looking American. He has demonstrated a deep knowledge of the subject, which can not be understood without years of practice, and gave a farewell to Andrew tattered book, with a recommendation to translate it into Russian. This was the original edition of "Eye of the revival of" 1938's by Peter Kelder — the very thing to work on that participated Colonel Bradford.

Here is an interesting excerpt from the book:

"One evening, shortly before they came to the monastery, the colonel asked the conductor Lama:

-You said at the beginning of our journey, that you're counting on the fact that I mastered the "Eye of revival,"'ll be able to teach it to other people. Why are you interested in? By the way, all the time, I never asked who it is — "you"?

— On who are "we", I still did not tell you. And we look forward to you because in a few tens of years, people in the "big world" — let's call it so — close encounter with the need to fight for their own survival. Their tendency to indulge in all your weaknesses will lead them too far. And then the "eye of revival" can render them invaluable. You — the first man there, who will treasure this knowledge. If someone asks you to teach him the art of staying young, you should not refuse. "

At the end of the book contains the instruction of Colonel those who dare to rejuvenation with the "Five Tibetans": "The majority of aging people complaining about the inconvenience that causes them to age, shamelessly lied to, first of all to themselves. They like to be old and shabby, like to indulge their weaknesses, like self-pity. And anyone who really wants to stay young, must find the courage to admit it to themselves. And then completely abandon the relationship of self and way of behavior, characteristic of old age. Do not make an appearance, as did refuse. And the key point here is the intention. Further — a trick. I have taught you a simple method of achieving your goals. All that is required of you — it's relentless practice. "


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