Experiments USSR of children and students!

Two pretty hard clip found on the net. They show psychological experiments, which were carried out over the children and the students in the USSR. The purpose of these videos — to show that the suggestion can make a person do completely stupid things, as well as consider their own personal opinion is that you have inspired a few minutes …

I can imagine what kind of world we live in now, when the brain is zagazhivanie in all areas of life: at work, at home, sitting in front of the TV, walking down the street …
I want to wish all the clarity of mind and to question what you are trying to convince.

Watch The experiments of the children in the USSR

Watch Experiments with students in the USSR

I was impressed by the students who take a few minutes to believe what they are told. But I understand that hitting their place, in their years, I would also confused about his feelings. Perhaps even now.
But for the movie with the kids today would not have been passed to the show.

For the record: the video is taken from the documentary series, "I and others"


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