Exploit the tires properly


To control any wheeled vehicle, the transmission traction and braking, to protect it from vibrations needed wheels and tires mounted on them. Pneumatic tires and is integrally cast.
If the tire rubber and cast polymer base constrains external shocks and vibrations, the pneumatic tire is the limiting factor, gas (air) pressure. All passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks equipped with pneumatic tires manufacturers.
More rubber is classified into radial and bias tires. It depends on the design of the cord. Now almost all the tires for cars radial. It is more stable on the road surface.
But, like the wheels on a Mercedes is not the right settings on VAZ and Sinn products are made of various sizes.
Structure and tread pattern tires are divided into several types. Drivers know that road, versatile and all terrain tires have a different tread pattern. In road tires softer tread than products intended for off-road vehicles. A recent tire tread, more rude and aggressive.
He is different and the tires for different seasons. In addition, tread distinguish symmetrical and asymmetrical tires, as well as directed and undirected counterparts. Important role in the classification of rubber is the height profile. They are divided into products with high profile, low profile tires and sverhnizkoprofilnye.
When buying tires, even if you find the perfect all your transport, we should not forget the basic rules of operation.
Touching the car away without jerks, with the required pressure in the tire, you can significantly extend their life path. And we do not forget to slow down to almost impassable road sections and tight turns, guaranteed not only prolong the longevity of rubber products, but many units of the vehicle.
We must not forget, and time to change the tire in the season. Spikes after the disappearance of the ice is no longer required. Besides products for winter fast "age" in the warm weather, and vice versa. At no time of year do not need to tightly hug the curb. It does not lead to anything good, except for additional cracks on the product and the loss of the protective layer of varnish on the disc and the wheel rim. And if the wheels frequently wash, they will be a long time to have an attractive appearance.

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