Explosions on Aduyskom landfill


16.04.12.Gromkie explosions ground "Red Aduy" again began to disturb the inhabitants of settlements of the mountains, spa hotel, Mostowski and other nearby areas.

According to them, the explosions began to plague the week before. So every morning and evening around 18.00 rumble of explosions sodragayut walls of local homes. People fear that the explosions of ammunition of their home sooner or later collapse.

Since the village headman Sanatorium Larissa Suslov said that explosions in the "Red Adue" shudder attics of houses, there is a crash. Half of the village headman Irina Mishchenko, the concern relates to the fact that "go home shaking" and at the time of the explosions in residential buildings is observed electrical circuit.

Head of Administration Yuri Krasny Subbotin also confirms the fact that the apartments and houses shaking windows in cars triggered the alarm. Earlier, residents of villages under Upper Pyshma repeatedly complained in all instances: the explosions of ammunition at the nearest landfill in some houses even cracks.

Then representatives CVO promised to use the new technology for the destruction of ammunition, which significantly reduces the sound and virtually eliminates the appearance of a shock wave. But even with the new system, the sound wave seems to dokatyvaetsya settlements. As a spokesman Colonel Jaroslav CVO Roshchupkin IA "New Region", "two thirds of explosions carried out by the new technology by the end of the year plan that will destroy all the ammo for this procedure.

I do not deny that I can be a sound still comes to settlements. But we explode ordnance instructions federation, do it on your test site. For all health standards and regulations, the distance from the landfill settlements greater than the minimum of a few times. " Just Roshchupkin added that this year, as in the past 2 years, the ammunition exploded at the site on January 20, and why people just beginning to complain — is unclear.

With these and other issues of explosions at the site in verhnepyshminskuyu administration has directed treatment of heads of villages.

The following comment, press secretary of GO Upper Pyshma Elena Snedkova, work to raise awareness of the situation is underway.

Author: Anna Nasekin

Source: GO Upper Pyshma

Explosions deny faith in justice

16.06.12.Tema explosion was so familiar to us that many people do not pay attention to it. Meanwhile systematic seismic effects on the environment can lead to terrible fatal.
I know that this problem manifests sufficient attention of Heads of Upper Pyshma Hope Vitalievna Mamaev. As someone who covers the newspaper issue of explosions at the site "Red Aduy" almost since the beginning of the active phase of the destruction of old weapons, I hope that here we are allies with the head. According to my information Vitalievna hope to solve the problem by resorting to the authorities. Therefore, I'll risk a head sentence:
Hope Vitalievna!
Order an independent examination of the harm caused to our urban district explosions at the site. It is desirable to include the damage done to public health and the environment, the overall economic loss and harm residents, prichenenny objects in the municipal property (clubs, schools …).
After receiving the document from zaklyuchniem professionals go to court on behalf of the local government, which, according to Article 133 of the Russian Constitution, has the right to judicial protection. If such actions are contrary to the law, the Publish What the expert opinion that citizens themselves can go to court and confirm the damage, including the conclusion of an independent examination. I hope that in the GO Upper Pyshma lawyers there, ready to assist residents in the preparation of claims and support applicants in the court. Newspaper "Rush Hour" always talk about them on their pages.
Residents of the city are not the end of the status of rural residents. If we in the alarm and rattling glass, in villages glass fly out the door from the hinges are broken, the ceiling and walls are crackling. Children are afraid of explosions. Adults do not believe any Putin and Medvedev. They will soon be hated of all war. The situation is critical. To ignore it is simply impossible.

Source: Alexey Gerasimov's blog

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