Eyewitnesses reported again tremors in the north of St. Petersburg


"The house is shaking" — complains from St. Petersburg.

15.04.11.Kak reports "Fontanka.ru" citizens again reported tremors in the north of St. Petersburg:

"In Sertolovo again" earthquake ", — the witness Andrew. — Looks like the military again something explodes house tremble! "

These findings are confirmed by a resident of the northern capital Oleg:

"In the north of St. Petersburg home again shake from explosions, apparently made by one of the polygons in Sertolovo," — he says.

Recall, the citizens began to complain of strange tremors of unknown origin in February.

Tremors were felt in the evening and at night. As a result of shaking in some homes there were cracks began to flow batteries. In the MOE confirmed that they have accepted the fact, for more than 200 applications

But reliably determine the cause of what is happening and failed.

One would assume that the earthquake triggered the military, which regularly destroy ammunition expired at landfills near the northern districts of St. Petersburg.

However, the press service of the Defense Ministry said that they can not be guilty of ground motion as ammunition destroyed during the day, while the applicants were talking about shocks in the evening hours.

It is believed that the earthquake has all the same natural causes. Geophysicists say the tremors are the result of the Earth's crust.

In addition, Not long ago, scientists have recorded earthquakes in Finland. In the full opportunity that St. Petersburg really "treset" and the military here is not to blame.


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