Failure in Berezniki rose 20 meters

Karst holes

12.01.11.Po data on December 28, a funnel at the railway station "Berezniki" is 81 to 41 meters. Failure during the holidays has increased markedly — its dimensions are 101 by 48 meters.

Scientists have warned of a possible increase in the crater, especially in the west. This is due to a natural funnel and flattening boards with feature rocks in the formation of the crater.

As the press service of the city of Berezniki in the crater continues daily monitoring. The output to the Mining Institute, Ural Branch of RAS for further analysis of the situation.

Recall failure came on Nov. 25 after the passage of the composition. Avtotormoza worked and it turned out that one half of the cars went into the ground. Since the failure spread, scientists have observed the processes.

In late December, were announced by the major reasons for the failure of the soil. Originally put forward two versions of the crater formation.

Comprehensive studies have confirmed that the subsidence is not related to the open area Mine 1, education funnel is similar siffuzionnyh karst processes.

Observation of the funnel will continue until the end of the spring floods, which may slightly increase the surface deformation due to the erosion of the surface layer of loose rocks. In addition, in 2011, will strengthen the monitoring of the city Berezniki — to assess and prevent similar situations.

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