Famine and drought in Somalia. Video

Drought million people could soon die of starvation. In the north-east Africa — the most powerful half-century drought.

In Rome, an emergency meeting of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Officials are urgently looking for the money, but so far only collected half of the required amount.

There is another problem: the delivery of humanitarian supplies hamper many anti-government groups and the sea there are pirates.

80 kilometers to the Kenyan border is now called the road of hope and expensive death. Fleeing drought and famine, people leave Somalia with their families, but to rescue the refugee camps get one. After spending the way weeks or even months, children and old people left right on the roadside.

There was no such drought in Somalia, Ethiopia or in 50 years. Because of the drought late in planting corn. Then he began to go under cattle. Cultivated fields almost completely destroyed. 30% of the African population is starving.

Famine in Somalia UN officially announced last week. Officially, it means that every day, in the southern regions are dying at least 6 children per 10,000 people. If we consider that in the area of humanitarian catastrophe millions of Somalis, you can count how many people were killed, while in Rome, preparing an emergency meeting.

Help, and the truth is needed urgently: to season Haga (rainy season) — another two months. Chairman of the FAO, Jacques Diyuf requires silence and money — this is the main thing. Donors asked for 1.6 billion U.S. dollars. Found half. This emergency measure — throw in the region grain, water, but the fall will deal with global problems — to revive agriculture, finally, to invest in the water system, build a warehouse with a minimum supply of food, need help geneticists — to bring wheat variety that is resistant to abnormal drought.

But even deliver aid does not work. Affected areas — Bakool and Lower Shabelle — controlled by the rebels. "Hunger is not — it is propaganda" — announced last week, gunmen kidnapped and a new Minister for Women and Children. Red Cross — so far the only organizations that do not touch. On the eve of doctors distributed 400 tons of food. In food rations — rice, oil, beans, beans and water.

While the world is looking for money, Somalis flee. The borders of Kenya and Ethiopia are open. Each day of camp for refugees take two thousand.


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