Feng Shui for home residents




The easiest way to start a home fish. A useful thing — gold, associated with Taoism with wealth. It is important that the water in the aquarium was always clean, as well as the money that will float in your hands. The main thing — do not put the aquarium on the right of the front door: it can, and you will attract wealth, but bad for the family relations. Aquarium better place in the south-eastern sector and settle it nine fish — eight gold and one black, picks up all the negative energy that enters the house.

It may seem surprising, but the Taoists believed that birds developed from fish, much like butterflies from caterpillars. Therefore, the birds also bring on the wings of wealth. People in certain occupations are even more useful than a fish. For example, anyone who feels his relationship with the sky (for example, people of art), more suitable parrots. It is better to buy a feathered color, which is associated with the time of year in which you were born.

By the way, the day of birth is important when buying a pet. Choose the like. Born in the year of the rabbit is a rabbit is more appropriate, "rats" — a rat. But the rooster crowing his forces to disperse the night and evil — the bird is especially useful for the home (at least in the form of a weather vane or just statues) are not recommended for those born in the year of the rabbit, which the cock is in the long-running conflict, says the magazine " Brownie. "

The dog (if you do not have astrologically-allergic contraindications) — one man, his defense and the security guard, that's why their figures adorn many Taoist temples. In rich countries, are always a lot of dogs, and one of the famous masters of Feng Shui Wu once even asked the municipality of his hometown with a program to reduce the taxation of dog owners. That it should have been, in his opinion, in the future to bring more money into the treasury. Officials threw the letter in the basket, but life has proved the correctness of the wise practice: the more richer city, the more prestigious grew among its residents have a four-legged pet. For supporters of feng shui in this case, there is no doubt about the cause-and-effect relationship of events. When asked what it was at first — the chicken or the egg, the Taoists say: dog. If you and does not bring wealth to the house, the guards that have been accumulated into the ground. Therefore, place the dog in the back of the house, at the back door or in the backyard, if they are — money can escape it there.

By the way, the dog is particularly needed in the house, crowded yin energy, which is too dark, quiet and empty, and hosts a full day at work. Dog will help to restore the balance of yin and yang, will be waiting for you in the evenings and scare off would-be robbers by barking.

With cats is more complicated. It is believed that they, on the contrary, embody yin energy. According to legend, Bao Gong — a great judge of the Song dynasty, going through one difficult case, was forced to invite the aid of the "dark kingdom" cat, famous for his amazing ability to smell a fish and catch rats. Ivory complied with the request, and the judge, shocked his shrewdness, he decided to leave the animal at home. Since cats screaming in the night, complaining that they are kept under lock and key. In general, if you decide to have a kitten, be prepared that he will want to walk alone, with all the consequences.

But against the turtles nothing to object: quiet, calm and unassuming, they symbolize longevity and protect their owners from all misfortunes. Yes, and do not require special care — to change the water regularly and in time to feed — that's the whole concern. Put a small bowl or basin, where the turtle will live better in the northern part of the house, which is associated with water.

Turtle is one of the four mythical animals, very important in Feng Shui — it must protect the house from the north. Of the rest — red phoenix (south), the white tiger (west) and the Golden Dragon (East) — the house theoretically could cause a tiger, but he was even in a symbolic sense, differs unpredictable nature. And if a cat can be a danger, the big cat — a great danger. So it is better not to take risks and to limit sculpted and painted images of animals. Start with a dragon — being equally well at the sky, the water and on land. It will bring you good luck. Particularly suitable for this purpose shiny metal figurines and drawings in a gold frame. But do not put a dragon near a bath or put carpet on the floor with the "draconian" pattern — stepping on it, you smash his bird wings.


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