Fighter 5th generation go in the Air Force in 2016 — Putin

Fighter 5th generation go in the Air Force in 2016 - Putin
Moscow. April 25. Airports — promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA T-50) will begin to come into service in Russian Air Force in 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a «direct band» with the citizens of the Russian Federation.
«Aircraft fifth generation should be put in mass production and begin to enter the army in 2016,» — he said, noting that a number of characteristics of the PAK FA will exceed its own main rival — the South American F-35.
Currently, tests are participating in 4 cars, the president added.
Previously, mass production PAK FA scheduled to begin in 2015 representatives of the Defense Ministry also said that the fighter fifth generation begins to enter the army in 2015
First flight of the PAK FA took place January 29, 2010 In true being complex ground and flight tests. They are participating 4 planes. 5th flight layout is factory tests.
For training fighter pilots need to pay attention — Putin

Must pay attention to the training of military pilots, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a «direct band» citizens of the Russian Federation
«If you feel that there is a problem with the pilot training, then it is necessary to pay attention,» — he said, commenting on the expression of the chief of the 4th Center for combat deployment and retraining of pilots of (Lipetsk), commander of the aerobatic team «Russian Eagles» Alexander Kharchevsky that the quality of students is reduced and lack of flight with the Air Force in 2014 will worsen due to the cancellation of the 3-year enrollment in flight schools.
With all this the President noted that staffing Russian army career officers is 98%, adding that the optimization of military schools, their consolidation and merging together held on the basis of the strength of the modern Russian army and its needs. «The volume of training officers must comply with the numerical composition of the Armed Forces. It should not rely on the army is oversized Russian period «, — said Putin.

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