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Muscovites, hurrying on business or strolling through the center in the middle of still unusually warm November witnessed the unusual spectacle. They were then on the Arbat, then next to the Tretyakov Gallery encountered … Health. Such an unusual way brand "Imunele" decided to draw attention to the need to strengthen the Muscovites your immunity before the winter season. Health dealt with the Muscovites, treat all incredibly delicious novelty "Imunele Wild berries." What is so inspired by this Health "out to the people"? Of course the drink itself "Imunele." That's what about it we were told the very health.

"Imunele" — protects the health, strengthening immunity using the unique immune-active complex. The complex, are not only useful lactic acid bacteria but also vitamins and minerals making defenses more reliable. "Imunele" helps cool to be in great shape, strengthening the immune system and improving the intestinal microflora. "Imunele" and accelerates the healing process — it helps to quickly restore a healthy balance in the body after taking antibiotics. The use of "Imunele" recommended by the Institute of Nutrition.

"Imunele" contains probiotics — bacteria L. Casei and L. Rhamnosus, and vitamin D3 and E, and zinc, and iodo. L.Casei strengthens the intestinal microflora and thus resists the penetration of harmful microbes in our organism. Find Health in MoscowL.Rhamnosus — unique lactobacilli, which stimulates the natural activity of the immune system. Efficiency L.Rhamnosus in strengthening the immune system proven by clinical studies were conducted in different countries. In "Imunele" bacterium L.Rhamnosus complements and enhances the bacterium L.Casei, providing double protection of the body. Therefore, "Imunele" naturally strengthens the immune system!

Read more about research L. Casei and L. Rhamnosus you can read on our site. In addition, "Imunele" enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Antioxidant vitamin E, also known as "vitamin youth" immune system prevents aging and increases endurance.
Vitamin D3 enhances resistance to infection. In summer it is produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight, but the fall and winter to take care to ensure that this vitamin is still in the right amount is ingested. Zinc is indispensable for the prevention of viral diseases. Iodine supports the strength of the body.
"Imunele" — the only functional fermented milk product on the market enriched with such a complex. According to experts, this is a great combination of beneficial bacteria, vitamins and minerals to strengthen the immune system and protect the body against colds, especially in an urban environment.
Clinical trials have shown that, given the additional intake of probiotic fermented milk beverage "Imunele" observed normalization of the body's defenses. Positive effects from the product are recorded from 14 weeks of daily use. Furthermore, the product function normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

In all, "Imunele" 7 flavors. And most recently, Health pleased with the new flavor — "Imunele Wild berries." These berries in combination with immune-active formula 3 Active give the drink even more strength to protect the body from viruses, autumn weather and bad environment!
Strawberry juice is rich in vitamin C, group B vitamins, carotene, fiber, pectin, calcium, phosphorus.
Raspberry, in turn, are used for colds and flu as an anti-inflammatory agent, as raspberries contain vitamins C, A, B, PP, iron and organic acids.
Bilberry is a natural antioxidant. Its juice helps with angina, normalizes blood sugar, improves vision.
Blackberries — a storehouse of natural vitamins. Its composition is vitamin C, provitamin A, the content of nicotinic acid blackberry is "champion" among all berries.

Hurry — you still have a chance to see the health of the streets of Moscow before the end of December! Well, then you and your immunity is always ready to help with shelves tasty and healthy probiotic dairy drink "Imunele"!

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