Fines for not ready for emergencies increased 10 times


15.11.11.S November 20 this year, the penalties for not ready for civil defense and emergency situations will rise tenfold. Sanctions can be up to 200-thousand tons.

"Faulty siren warning system, the speakers at the enterprises, improper maintenance of personal protective equipment and other property of the civil defense, the failure of measures to protect the population from emergencies can now get expensive each manager", — the press-service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on Khakassia.

For officials and legal entities will increase fines for the following offenses:

1. Failure to protect the population and territories from emergency situations of natural or man-made disasters, as well as for non-compliance rules and regulations for prevention of accidents and disasters at industrial or social purpose (for officials fines go up to 4 — 5 thousand to 10 — 20 thousand for legal entities — from 40-50 to 100-200 thousand rubles).

2. Failure to ensure preparedness of funds for emergency response, as well as the direction of the zone untimely emergency forces and equipment under the plan emergency response (fine from 1 — 2 thousand increase to 10-20 thousand).

3.Failure to comply with special conditions (rules) operation of technical systems of the Civil Defense and civilian defense, use and maintenance of alarm systems, personal protective equipment, special equipment and other property of the Civil Defense (fines will reach from 50 to 100 thousand).

Also added to the Code in the event of a new formulation of war — "the failure of preparations for the defense and protection of the population, material and cultural values in the territory of the Russian Federation from the dangers arising from the conduct of military operations or as a result of these actions." For this from the officials will collect from 10 to 20 thousand rubles, and legal between 100 and 200 thousand.


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