Finished 4th attempt to analyze the dwarf Kyshtymskoye




The question of origin "Kyshtymskoye Kralik," the body which, as is well known, was in 1996 found T.Prosvirinoy grandmother and soon stolen, is still of concern to many researchers. "Kosmopoisk" has made repeated attempts to find the body of a dwarf, and traces of his stay. Lastly, in 2002, during the 4th expedition "Kosmopoisk" in the Chelyabinsk region Kishtim found genetic material. Immediate attempts were made to make the genetic analysis was done only about a dozen attempts. In most cases, had to abandon the "services" of laboratories because of the exorbitant prices required for the study. Three times the experiments were still conducted with the consent of the disinterested staff of the three laboratories at the beginning of 2004 finished its investigation leading researcher at the Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, Moscow State University Lomonosov kand.biol. V.V.Aleshin Sciences. In all three experiments, human genes in a sample could not be detected. However, the "Kosmopoisk" decided not to dwell on this result.
In April 2004, a new attempt, this time V.Chernobrov personally handed over part of the extracted sample to the laboratory VIGG Academy of Sciences, led by Professor V. Shevchenko, whose staff kindly agreed to conduct research on their equipment. Of blood stains "dwarf" was highlighted human DNA. "In blood was detected only women X-chromosome." Were conducted comparing the provided DNA with known DNA of two and three monkeys (2 females and 1 male), these experiments showed that "sample corresponds to the human DNA with multiple developmental abnormalities."
At the moment, the question remains as to whether the results of DNA genes T.Prosvirinoy itself (which, of course, repeatedly touched the body, "dwarf" and could "clog" non-sterile sample of their genes) to check this version is not so easy — my grandmother Tamara Prosvirina Kishtim tragically died in a few days before the arrival of the investigators. Also remain unexplained amazing (otherwise you will not tell) the differences in the structure of "dwarf", no belly button (!), Genital organs of excretion, the ears, the availability of a complete set of teeth, bud-shaped skull and other sharp differences that allowed the local pathologist to give an opinion, in front of him "not a man but a creature unknown to science." How does (if the "dwarf" was still a man) he was born (no belly button) and survived for several weeks — that in itself is worthy to continue the study.
After receiving the written report of the meeting and geneticists in the "Kosmopoisk" will decide on future directions in the search for and study of this intricate phenomenon.


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