Finnish giant pumpkin 420 kg. Video


25.09.11.V Finland grown pumpkin weighing 420 pounds. This gigantic beauty presented in a special exhibition dedicated to the largest and most unusual vegetables. The exhibit has caused an unprecedented boom.

Those who want to take a picture with the pumpkin-champion lined up. Gardeners were quick to find out the secret of this success, and grow a pumpkin Jari Hamalainen its no secret: "First of all, we need good seeds. And it requires special attention and labor. I have to work all summer. We must be truly dedicated to their work in order to grow a pumpkin. "

Prior to the world record achievement of Finnish gardener far. The biggest pumpkin in the world, the weight of which was over 820 pounds, raised American Chris Stevens. Its diameter is equal to the circumference of five meters.

Source: Lead

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