Fireball in the sky Montenegro


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17.08.11.V Sunday around 21.20 in the sky above Becici there was a fireball that frightened residents and tourists, writes Dan newspaper.

The ball made a circle, and then turned in the direction of Budva. At one point it seemed that the ball went out, but then he appeared again, and later disappeared, witnesses told an extraordinary phenomenon.

In Belgrade Society of Astronomy. Ruggero Boscovich believed that it was a fireball, very rare natural phenomenon. But in this version Gidrometeobyuro Montenegro rejected, suggesting that it was probably a meteor. Weather forecaster Branko Mitsev told reporters that ball lightning is usually appear at a closer distance than the phenomenon Becici: The ball was too far, which speaks in favor of the version of the meteor.

The newspaper published the photos sent to the vacationer Becici witnesses from Podgorica.

Source: Montenegro today

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