Fireballs deenergized district of Chelyabinsk region


17.06.11.Vchera to a number of the Chelyabinsk region collapsed storm rainfall. Elements of the past over the south-eastern part of the region, hitting Nagaybsky, Trinity and Cesme districts.

Many troubles storm brought chesmentsam. Lightning struck one of the pillars of the 110-kilovolt power line that feeds Chesmenskaya area, and sometimes the wind broken wire.

For 7 hours without power remained the eastern part of the district and the district center. Most authorities worried for children's health camp "Star", which is located in the Black Forest, where the rest 100 children and Chesmenskaya central hospital — where a respirator connected seriously ill patient. However, there were no emergency — were used for alternative power sources.

"First, we connected the diesel. At about 2 am, restored the electricity through a backup line, — the «URA.Ru» acting head Anatoly Shalagin Chesmensky district — now in all communities of the district electricity fully restored. "

Albina Zolotukhin

Source: «URA.Ru»

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