Fish in the ruined village Mullovka ammonia. Video


21.10.11.Segodnya became known to cause mass death of fish in the pond of the camp Mullovka. Recall, Ltd. was registered last week. Damage to water resources caused huge — are estimated to have killed more than a ton of fish. Cause established laboratory tests.

Andrei Sidorov — The Chief Veterinary Officer for the city of Dimitrovgrad and Melekesskaya district:
— To date, the conclusion arrived regional veterinary laboratory into the death of fish in a working village Mullovka in the pond. According to the results in the water 3 times exceeded the ammonia content.

Will be further investigated. According to one theory, the cause of PE could be released into the lake of industrial waste distillery.

Source: Three pine Portal — Dimitrovgrad

Kilograms we already do not like, go on tons.

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