Fish kill in Bashkiria. Video


25.04.12.V newsroom TV BLS asked fishermen Kushnarenkovskogo District. In one of the local lakes experienced massive fish kills. As the locals say, this they have never seen.

The fact is that in this lake are found mainly carp. According to local fishermen, the fish is remarkable for its durability and can even live in polluted water.

The dead fish lay a dense carpet lake. Retired Parvazetdin Abtarimov remembers his entire life never seen anything like it. Two days ago profit carp here could not tackle. Local fear that endangered fish was the most tenacious.
The first thought that came to mind local — fish poisoned. But there are no nearby industries and mining companies. Understand the situation caused Rybohrany representatives. Experts who examined the place, and concluded that the fish died of natural causes. This winter, the thickness of the ice on the lake is a meter. Although locals are punched holes, all efforts were in vain. The situation worsened and abnormally hot spring.
According to experts, the massive fish kills occur for two reasons: the poisoning of industrial waste and shallowing of the water body. In Kushnarenkovskogo area events unfolded on the second scenario. And the repetition of the story, and perhaps in other water bodies of the country. If this happens, the region may be on the brink of ecological disaster. Will be threatened rare species of fish.

Source:  Bashkir satellite TV

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