Fish kills in eastern Kazakhstan


2.11.11.Ekologicheskaya trouble Sekisovka covered village of East Kazakhstan region.

From septic tanks through the protective film process water flowed c cyanide dissolved in it, and then fell into the river and pond. Fish died, and people at risk of poisoned water.

On the outskirts Sekisovka some years there are explosions. Extracted from open-pit ore is a local business gets the gold. As Deputy Chief of the Department of Emergency Marat Tyulyuberdinov during manufacturing test process water broke through the protective film.

Approximate amount of hazardous liquid was 200 thousand cubic meters. Every hour of the settler follows is about a thousand cubic meters of water, which contains cyanide, chloride of lime, copper sulfate, sodium parasulfid.
By order of the Mayor Sekisovskogo rural district Sergey Somov disabled pumping station to supply water to the population. Residents Sekisovka (about 2000 people) warned that the open source water can not be taken. In the village of organized supply of drinking water from the reserve tank.
In Sekisovka we immediately come to the office of Mayor. Sergey Somov was in place, but to talk to journalists flatly refused.
— And write, — he said — Mayor declined to comment.
In the village clinic pediatrician Zoe Fefelova reported that all, of course, concerned the incident, but no panic. With symptoms of poisoning while nobody asked. But just in case the school was closed before it was autumn vacation.
— The water is constantly running with tanks — said local resident Michael Svahin. — This is not the first time. In August, too, so it was. Had seen.
We walked around the pond. Wind drove the water and dead fish to the dam. Nearly 18 local entrepreneur Alexander Rylsky bred here perch, carp, carp, pike. All were killed overnight. Water with cyanide, he now runs the risk of not even pigs drink.

Andrew Kratenko

Source: "Express K"

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