Fish kills in the Kaluga region


23.11.11.Na Medynke River in the Kaluga region, somewhere above the dam, led to the release of toxic substances.

That it is reset, and a specialist in sight. And the color of the water, and the characteristic smell … Who and when was it made, it is now not prove. But reset, apparently there was a significant, since the beginning of the fish die.

According to residents Medyn who daily pass through the dam to work or lead the children to school, it was about 10-12 November. First, over the pond swam big dead fish, and then a little … Who Medynku poison and when it cleaned up? — Ask the people.

November 17 edition came outraged fisherman, retired, resident Medyn N.N.Fetisov:

— In August and September of this year, the water in the reservoir before the dam was normal. Fishermen sat with their rods, — said Nikolai. — Caught pike. Growing up roaches. Thought, the ice will get stronger, we will take live bait. And now it is not! Someone poisoned. That would be to find out who did it. I wish I could look him in the eye and ask: why are you so hate Mother Nature, about the future do not you think? That's because of people indifferent, killed not only a river in Medyn, but the whole environment. All gullies littered garbage drivers amateur car wash near the rivers, school, looking at the adults, leaving behind cans, bags, bottles on the grass, in the woods, on the side of the road …

What measures will be taken upon contamination of the river? This question we addressed state inspector Kaluga Region Conservation (Environment) V.P.Prudnikovu. By phone Vladimir P. said that the district administration, he made it known. "I have suggested alternate chapters and I.V.Dievu G.B.Harlampovu convene a meeting of managers whose companies and organizations are located along the river above the dam."

"To save the river and the fish can not. Because "there is no evidence against the poisoners," that is not "caught — not a thief." So officials told us small and large, including those from the regional department of the use and protection of water bodies. Do not believe me? Then call the head of the department by phone Yu.A.Prohorovu 8-4842-71-96-67. Yuri knows the problems of the river Medynki and is very sorry that it had "turned into the gutter" (quote).

Still, Medyn — a small town, most people know each other, the company, adjacent to the bed Medynki, you can count on your fingers … So: you can calculate the offender. Of course, if you really want.

If you ever witness a pollution of the river, immediately call or report the incident ugliness at the same hour, the same day the police — 02, on duty in the dispatch service area — 22-923, in the receiving Head of Administration — 21-317.

One would like to remind: "People, beware! The future of our Medynki totally up to you! "

Galina Dudnikova

Source: Dawn newspaper

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