Fish kills in the river lay in the Vologda region. Video


February 26, 2012 on the river near the village of Lying Nizmy Vologda district fishermen discovered a massive fish kills. What was the cause of death, and who is to blame for this is not known.

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Le? Ms. (Oli? Dovka) — a river in the Vologda region of Russia, a tributary Sukhona, belongs to the basin of the Northern Dvina. Length of 178 km, the basin area 3,550 km ², the average water consumption is 47 km from the mouth of 10.5 m³ / s. The largest tributaries Senga, butt (left) Vohtozhka (right). Near the river is a small town Vokhtoga.

Lying begins in an unpopulated area of the forest near the place where converge Vologda, Yaroslavl and Kostroma region, flows north, then north-west. During weak, very winding course of the river. In the middle reaches near the mouth of the right tributary of the village is located Vohtozhki Vokhtoga standing on the railroad Bui — Vologda.

In the lower reaches after the confluence of the large influx of butt lay out a vast swampy lowlands. For nearly disappears. Lying Sukhona falls into a few hundred meters below the mouth of Vologda. Five kilometers to the mouth of the Lie departs lateral flow called Okolnaya Sukhona connecting it to Vologda.

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