Flooding in the village Belchana. Moldova


11.05.11. As a result of heavy rains in the village Belchana, Hancesti district yesterday flooding occurred. Were flooded with dozens of basements, homes, gardens and farmland.

According to local residents, the history of the village, it is never so strongly suffered from the heavy rains. Blurred was the only and the main road leading to the children's garden, a rural school and post office. Moreover, the town was literally divided into two parts, as a powerful water pressure blew concrete bridge connecting two distant parts of the village.

Now local residents on their own pumping water from more than 30 rural basements and cellars. Arrived on the scene of journalists report that local residents are horrified by the scale of the elements and ask for help the Moldovan government.

It is reported that in the near future to place an emergency team of experts should leave the Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations to assess the damage caused by the element of the villagers.


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