Folk remedies in the fight against alcoholism

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Russian folk medicine, based more on the traditions and beliefs than on scientific observations and facts in regard to the treatment of alcoholism is based on the ancient principle: simila similibus curantur (like cures like). Thus, to recover from alcoholism, it was necessary … to drink. But not just any vodka, and a special vodka infusion, the recipe handed down from generation to generation and was considered certainly effective, unlike the hundreds of other similar, but inefficient.

The reason is clear — it is impossible to recover from addiction to alcohol, alcohol is the most consuming. Whether it is ever with the addition of miraculous. Here is the variety of these supplements we have a little talk.


However, some grain of truth in folk cures were. For example, the use of plants having emetic properties. After the adoption of even the lowest dose of vodka with tincture of tobacco poisoning has developed the most genuine, down to seizures.

Sometimes drinking first given a laxative, and then vodka, infused with ipecac to remember the impact of the full program.

As an anti-alcohol tinctures were made with laurel, hellebore roots, rhizomes hooves, thyme, crow's eyes, anemones and many other plants with a bitter taste and strong odor and moderately toxic properties. However, the dosage was very difficult to observe, so that the risk of death in such treatment was more than real.


There is a method of "treatment drinking sessions" with vodka infusions at "podbochechnyh worms" that "infest taverns from the damp." Used for this purpose and earthworms.


The most popular variety of bugs — ranging from the usual bed, ending forest stink bugs. The latter, by the way, give very pronounced gag reflex, until the vomiting of blood.

In the anti-alcohol also tried to insist on vodka lice, block, horseflies and other unpleasant members of the class.


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Even the process of making "medicine" was quite fierce. Live fish were thrown into the vodka and waited until she dies. It was believed that during the agony of life force fish goes into the vodka and helps drunkard "tie." Most often so starved pike, loach, tench and burbot. However, for lack of a better use regular herring.


Most often used by waste products (urine and feces). For example, urine hedgehog (although the collection of this drug is very difficult to imagine.) Or feces of a black dog — it was believed to black animals were the epitome of evil spirits or a product. In the Far East, the healing properties attributed to tiger excrement.

However, technique with killing also used in vodka. For some reason, became the main victim of the mouse. The Ukraine has been used little mice and the hub of the wheel.

Substances and objects

Not without magic. Ashes of burnt candle, seven out of seven coal stoves, straw, which was sleeping pig (apparently, again by analogy), the items come into contact with the deceased, even menstrual blood — everything was going.

Fight fire

Of course, some grain of truth in all of these methods were. They all boil down to the formation of a conditioned reflex aversion to vodka. Another thing is that all this was done without the knowledge of the drinker, that is, attempts at treatment were carried out in the absence of the patient's desire, which is the key to alcohol treatment.

Conditioned reflex method is used today on drug only very modified embodiment. However, it is usually combined with psychotherapy, often lasting six months or a year.

So all the people's piggy bank against alcoholism is of historical interest rather than practical. The effectiveness of these techniques tends to zero, and many are simply life-threatening.

Source: Clinic "AlkoMed"

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