Fools — people-puzzle Russia.

Fools — Amazing, incredibly mysterious people who diligently pretended to be insane. Some went naked and the summer and winter. otmorazhivaya limbs, others wore on heavy iron belt, which simply grew into their body. They did not fear anyone, even the kings, created outrage, defecate in public places. At the same time, it was the people who had the gift of clairvoyance, the ability to heal people and to pacify the elements. And most importantly, the church of the people refers to the saints. The incredible mystery stories of Russia, which has gradually migrated into our days …
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According to Wikipedia. Yuro? Dstvo (from Slav. "Ourod", "yurod" — a fool, crazy) — a deliberate effort to seem stupid, insane. In Orthodoxy fools — a layer of wandering monks and religious ascetics. The objectives of alleged insanity (fool-for-Christ) are declared external exposure of worldly values, hiding their own virtues and incurring the reproaches and insults

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