For the Southern Ontario tornado swept through. Video



22.08.11.Silny, almost a hurricane, accompanied by showers and thunderstorms, made a lot of trouble in the town of Goderich in Southern Ontario, on Lake Huron.

In the center of the city on Sunday tornado swept through. Several office buildings, homes lost their centuries-roof. Tornado, having walked through the streets of Goderich, had made homeless standing there the church and destroyed the upper floors of buildings.

Felled trees and poles, electrical wires are severed, several hundred homes were left for hours without power. Police closed center for automobile traffic, and the mayor declared a state of emergency here.

As established specialists in the center of the vortex wind speed was 240 km / h

Local residents, who shared zhurnalistmi his impressions of the incident, saying that they had seen only in movies like this. Unfortunately, a few people received various injuries. One person was killed.


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