«Forced» China’s strength

Has long no one hesitation is that China is going to become the next superpower. Official Beijing has not made similar statements, but all of his actions or that others like you can draw some conclusions. Apart from the economic success of China also shows his achievements in the military-industrial sector. Only last 2012 contained information on several new projects that are no longer direct copying zabugornoy technology. These new models of military equipment in the most direct way expose Chinese superpower ambitions.
The past year was a year in the history of China’s commissioning of the aircraft carrier «Liaoning», the first flight of fighter fifth generation Shenyang J-31 and the start of deliveries of helicopters Z-10 (also recognized as the WZ-10). In addition, in 2012, in defense of China has seen a number of other more pleasant and necessary things for the country. All services of the Chinese defense industry, as demonstrated in the past year, has long been circulating confirm outlook on opportunities in China. All could see that the Chinese defense industry, at least, comes to the stage of development at which it is able to create and build weapons and military equipment only on their own, with little help from outside. With all of this a number of industries, such as aircraft engine as before remains at the highest level is not enough, though evolving.

Shenyang J-31


Of course, the increased attention to the development of Beijing’s own armed forces is fertile ground for all kinds of analysts. For example, often raises questions about the causes of the fleet. It is often in discussions of this issue pops topic hypothetical landing troops on the peninsula of Taiwan with its upcoming conquest. In addition, as the theaters of military operations with the role of the new Chinese ships, aircraft and armored vehicles are often considered some of the disputed islands, which China is trying to share with Japan and Vietnam. So Makarov, even if China is not going to attack anyone, he still has a certain strength, which also constantly grow. More than a good excuse for the militarization of the country, malicious intent and attempts to unleash the latest cool war.

Just as expected, there and back view, according to which China does not represent a special hazard for zabugornyh countries. Not so long ago, one of the Chinese government on defense professionals Chen Hu published a pretty fascinating article in which a rather condensed form describes the background and the likely consequences of the current renovation of the Chinese armed forces. For example, considering the huge number of new types of Chinese art, Chen Hu appeals to foreign experience. According to him, in the U.S. at the moment, only two of the newest fighter — F-22 and F-35. Yet, in the early stages of the respective programs were twice as many projects, but the planes YF-23 and YF-32 and remained at the prototype stage. The same, said Hu Chen, may eventually happen with Chinese aircraft or helicopters. There is nothing special or unusual — it is a common practice worldwide.

Immediately this Chinese analyst argues with views of constant acceleration in the pace of development and construction of new weapons and military equipment. And then Comrade Chen sees specific prerequisites. In his view, the creation of new types of weapons needed due to a number of geopolitical trends shortly. So Makar, most military projects is almost symmetrical reaction to external potential hazards. As for especially large projects, for example carriers, then because of their own difficulties and the huge costs of time they can, what is called, does not keep pace with the political tendencies. In other words, today’s large ships are a response to danger, show 10-15 years ago. In the end, Chen Hu recognizes that the level of development of the Chinese defense industry still does not allow to compete on a par with leading global powers. Because China is obliged to pay increased attention to the development of self-defense, that pulls the emergence of new types of weapons and equipment, as follows: preparation in their respective amounts.

Third «justify» military buildup of China, on the views of professional looks followed properly. Most modern Chinese military developments corresponds to the level of development of foreign 90s or even 80s of the last century. So Makar, China at the present time not only increases strength but rather tries to catch up with the leading countries of the quality of military products. At first glance, it looks similar argument logical and understandable. But statements about the development of fighter fifth generation and a number of other facts «bragging» raise some doubts about the veracity of excuses military growth. In the near future, China presented several projects of different techniques, each of which was accompanied by abstracts of world-class properties, and even about the advantages over rivals zabugornom. It’s not quite fit into the picture «dogonyalok», which says Chen Hu.

Noteworthy that today’s announcement of the Chinese defense industry professionals in a very very similar to the official words of Beijing past years. Administration of China quite often resort to strategies justify their actions in the military-technical sphere danger from abroad and the need to maintain military capabilities tribute. With all of this gradual but systematic strengthening of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is capable of becoming a prerequisite for certain tensions in the region. As already mentioned, Beijing has disagreements, including very severe, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. In addition, for many years until reaching diplomatic feud with the United States that are considering Southeast Asia as one of the most important regions of the planet and have its interests there.

And there are more and more new inventions on «with whom China will be the first to wage war?». Naturally, part of Beijing has not yet been any harsh actions that directly hinting at future wars, but this fact is not a guarantee of future configurations of the geopolitical situation in Asia. So that the current time is already build in China a severe opponent, who in the coming years will score the highest military power. At the same time, should not be overestimated Chinese ability. Not so long ago, designers and military China boasted that their new carrier-based fighter Shenyang J-15 features the most superior Russian Su-33. Given the differences in age of these machines is easy to draw conclusions about the circumstances of success itself. Chinese just managed to catch up with Russian Alliance standard mid and late 80s.

Shenyang J-15

Yet such successes and Chinese defense industry are forcing countries surrounding China is currently listening to the second argument, Chen Hu, concerning the maintenance of parity. If China really going to become a superpower — and this is almost no one calls fluctuations — it will be the first to increase the combat capability of its armed forces and ensure their autonomy from zabugornyh suppliers. As a result, a huge number of states, including the Russian Federation, have to pay their armies and defense companies is not the least attention. Even if Beijing is not going to unleash the latest arms race or even the latest cool war, to develop its own defense industry and the army obviously will not hurt. In addition, while China is obliged to «play catch-up,» he in some measure limited abilities starting wars that at least slightly, but increases security in Southeast Asia.

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