France: drought forces farmers to boost wheat harvest


25.05.11.Po to the Ministry of Agriculture of France, under the negative influence of drought are already 42 provinces (nine provinces in the week). Given the situation, the local authorities have allowed individual farmers to start harvesting campaign of grains ahead of schedule (June 15).

The analysts expect lower wheat yields in France in 2011 by 11.5%, and most experts predict the skeptical total gathering culture in the country in the period of less than 31.5 million tons — The lowest mark since the 2007 drought g (30.6 million tons).

It should be noted that traditionally wheat harvesting campaign in France runs from July 1 to August 31.

Experts rate April IGC regarding wheat production in France in 2011/12 MY, were published at 38.2 million tons. Then the factor of drought has not been taken into account.


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