From explosions crumbling house in Volsk


13.01.12.V recent residents of streets and villages, located near the plant "Volskcement" constantly complain to the bombings carried out in the factory career. This issue was raised in our newspaper, and in meetings with the heads of the population of the city and the district.

In December, residents of the street cement, Factory, Art. Razin and adjacent side streets appealed to the Regional Prosecutor's Office and the regional Rostekhnadzor to ban explosions near their homes. A copy of the statement they gave in "Volskaya week."
"We, the owners of the houses on the street. Cement and other streets and alleys, think of "Volskcement" violates the mining lease boundaries and rules of blasting in the development of the deposit for the production of cement, greatly increases the allowable force of the explosion, so that our homes are deteriorating. 

In our homes there are cracks, crumbling masonry, cladding of houses collapsing. The actions of "Volskcement" bringing further damage to our property intolerant!

Please bodies that oversee the conduct of mining operations, to test how the Education Department tap out of range, and how the force of explosions overfished within the locality, as our homes are not built settlement and earlier receipt of the instrument before the mining lease of "Volskcement ".
(Total 37 signatures)

As it turned out, "Volsky week" Regional Prosecutor's Office commissioned a Rostechnadzor verify the facts stated in the complaint volchan and December Rostekhnadzor had appropriate verification.
— Rostekhnadzor really came on orders prosecutors, but no violations in our work and have not found any instructions we gave, — said the head of GUP "VolgogradVzryvProm" Nicholas Petruchik. — All the explosions we hold within a safe distance at every explosion drafted. Standards distance from blasting to residential houses in our environment should be 150-170 meters. After verification of any prohibitions on RTN we have not received.
However, this answer does not accept residents st. Cement.
— We received a response from the prosecutor of the region that our statement is directed to the Volskaya prosecutors RTN answer yet. All the talk about the rules-we believe the excuse. What might be the norm if our homes are destroyed? — Said "Volskaya week" impasse Tsemntnikov resident, activist Vera Yakimova. — If you have "kicked", we will refer to the Public Chamber, to the Prime Minister and the President. Our officials have a place to live, and we only have these at home, alternative accommodation we do not, we do not want to lose it!
— Most affected houses near the fire station, — tells us inhabitant of the house № 184 Alla Dunicheva. — We and our neighbors last year only made repairs, and now the walls are cracked, even torn wallpaper. At the time of the explosions heard to the wall crack. The same thing happens in homes that are closer to the mountains.
At one of the meetings last year, the district head Anatoly Krasnov also said that the explosions in his career "Volskcement" house rattles even in the Pioneer, but further conversations did not get. Obviously, then it is impossible to ignore the problem. Wolski dozens of families waiting for the authorities to specific help, and not formal replies.

Source: VolskNews

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