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Archive. July 6, 1995.Taiga mysteriously destroyed at the site of 12 square kilometers. Huge trees uprooted, broken and oddly twisted. According to residents in the area at night was the flash and heard a rumble. Someone even said about aliens.

Details of the scene — in the report Andrew Bernikov.

One of the first reported on the mysterious phenomenon of local Mihial Kirillov. He fished in those places, and saw that the slope of a hill friend, is called a child, looks unusual — it was not the trees.

Mikhail Kirillov, an eyewitness, "We thought that the meteorite fell, or something unknown, we get to the epicenter and could not."

New Tunguska — the first version, which arose in the regional emergencies department, following reports of mass death of the forest in a limited area. These seismologists and military satellites showed — no earthquakes, no foreign aircraft in those places were recorded. With the expedition to the scene went dosimetrists, environmentalists, forest protection and crew of Channel. According to rescuers, they were ready for any surprise — from the fireball to the remnants of UFOs.

Mikhail Kolesnikov, early. Civil Defense and Emergency Management of the Khabarovsk Krai: "We received reports from citizens, which occurred some glowing balls and so on … Check out this fact should have been, because there were different versions — a subject that has been dropped or funnel formed there."

Already on the approach to the site, it became clear that the witnesses even downplay magnitude of the disaster — the diameter of a huge bald spots in the middle of pristine taiga reached two kilometers. Ancient pines, ash, cedars were uprooted, many trunks were twisted around its axis and broken as dry matches. In the area of the unknown force was about one million trees.

The first measurements showed — the radiation situation in the former forest, a sure sign of the presence of meteorites, was normal. Researchers have found no trace of fire, which probably would happen in the explosion fireball. The basic version — the forest was lost because of a sudden storm.

Vasily Wojtowicz, Deputy. early. Department of Environmental Protection of the Khabarovsk Krai: "You see here, the trees are dry, with no tops, and trees with leaves — all knocked down, that in this direction the wind was blowing."

Mikhail Kolesnikov — early. Civil Defense and Emergency Management of the Khabarovsk Territory, "If it is not in the forest, and over a populated area, the destruction would have been very large."

The last time a tornado over the Khabarovsk region saw a year ago, but with the natural phenomenon of such power in the province for the first time encountered. The final verdict, how and why an hour killed more than 400 hectares of taiga century will be imposed after a careful study of samples of soil, air, timber. Perhaps in the near future on the "Bald Mountain" will leave a new expedition.

Source: The first channel

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