FSB wants to ban Skype, Gmail and Hotmail and


9.04.11.Federalnaya Security Service (FSB), proposes to ban Russian users with access to Internet telephony Skype and mail services Gmail and Hotmail. Office insists that they threaten national security intelligence can quickly access information of their users, so that these services are particularly popular among criminals. Official support for the position has not yet received the FSC.

Yesterday at a meeting of the Government Commission on Federal Communications and Technological Issues Information Centre chief information security and special communications Andreechkin FSB, Alexander said that using foreign Internet services like Gmail, Hotmail and Skype threatens national security. According to him, the police can not quickly establish control over encrypted messages such services, and is actively used by parties acting in Russia extremist religious and other organizations. Attending the meeting, the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications Ilya Massukh later told journalists that the essence of a presentation by the FSB was to ensure that the citizens should be prohibited to use Gmail and Hotmail and Skype. One of the interlocutors "Y", was present at the commission, assured that the ways to prevent access to these Russian Internet services Andreechkin Alexander suggested it. Get a prompt comment on this matter at the center of public relations of the FSB failed.

Reaction to the statement by the representative of the FSB was followed instantly. "RIA Novosti" with reference to a source in the Kremlin announced that the remarks of Alexander Andreechkina were his personal opinion and not the position of the state. However, the press-secretary of the Prime Minister, Dmitry Peskov, said that "the FSB did not express personal points of view." "Naturally, it is the position Office, and it is carefully argued," — he said.

Different views and the committee members themselves. While it was decided to create an interagency working group to develop proposals to the Russian government to resolve the issues surrounding the use of cryptographic tools in the public domain. It should include representatives of state agencies, and possibly national operator "Rostelecom". Proposals must prepare by October 1. "This does not mean that they will cover termination of Gmail and Hotmail and Skype in Russia", — said the Ministry of Communications.

Gmail — mail service Google Inc., Hotmail — Microsoft. According to ComScore in February of this year, just e-mail used 31.4 million Russians, including service Mail.ru — 24,2 million, the mail "Yandex" — 12780000, Rambler — 3,8 млн, Gmail — 2 , 3000000, POCHTA.RU (service RBC) — 0.76 million, and Windows Live Hotmail — 0,32 million at the end of 2010, Skype had 663 million registered accounts, many of them Russian — was not disclosed.

The desire to close the Skype FSB market players attributed to the fact that it is impossible to talk to listen to, as it is impossible to determine the user's location. That is why many disgraced Russian businessmen prefer to communicate only via Skype. Western intelligence agencies also regularly complain that the system Skype has become a favorite communication tool of terrorists. In particular, it was found that the terrorists who attacked Mumbai in November 2008, talking on Skype with their coordinators in Pakistan. "Google and Microsoft in Russia — a representation of foreign companies. To get the information users need to make an international inquiry into the FBI. In this issue of the information is based on U.S. law, "- adds Internet expert Anton Nosik.

The Russian office of Microsoft noted that the protection of personal information about users is a priority for the company, no censorship or monitoring of this information is not provided. Company may be required to provide personal information, but only in accordance with legal procedures, in Russia — a court order. "When Google Inc. receives requests from law enforcement agencies from different countries, in accordance with the agreement on mutual legal assistance, the company provides the requested information, "- said the representative of the Russian office of Alla Zabrovskaya. In Skype declined to comment. Press Secretary "Yandex" Ochir Mandzhikov noted, "Yandex" and provides access to instant messages only on the basis of the judgment.

Struggle with Skype and Gmail are actively trying as in China. Thus, the PRC authorities periodically threaten to make it impossible for Chinese users to use Skype for reasons of national security. Since 2007, Chinese Internet users trying to download Skype, are automatically redirected to the site of TOM, which is a joint venture company Skype and Hong Kong TOM Online. From this site you can download the Chinese version of Skype, which built the filter text messages sent between users of Skype. Also, has been widely reported that with the help of the government account Skype can save messages and information about the sender, including IP-address. In late March 2011, the leadership of the government of China has accused Google of obstructing the work of the Gmail service for local users, who at various times it could not open the start page of Gmail, or it is very slow to load.

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