Gas explosion in an apartment building in Kerch. Video


18.05.12.V Kerch May 18 about 2.15 in a building on the street. Ordzhonikidze, 115, there was an explosion. As we wrote earlier, the preliminary cause of the explosion — a gas leak. Gas exploded in an apartment on the fourth floor, the apartment also burned on the fifth and third.

The apartment where the gas exploded, lived an old woman. According to neighbors, she lived alone. Many complained about it, they often forget to turn off the water and flooded neighbors. Residents unanimously said they found the woman out of the apartment by the sea. They suggest that due to the shock and burns it there ran to put out the fire on themselves.

DSC 0815Zhitelnitsa home from the first entrance awakened by a loud popping sound and vibration of the walls, "I thought I had a balcony and all the rest of the apartment fell down. At first I did not understand what had happened, and then I saw a fire truck. There was an ambulance, but they say that there are no victims. They say that the repairs will be done by gasman. A gasman when gas were, they were drunk all the time, "- said the woman.

About the fire said a man who lives in Pogorelov entrance on the third floor. He has a child, a pregnant woman, in her apartment, they have only recently made repairs. Woke up from cotton and a bloodcurdling scream woman. First, the family did not understand what happened, and then his wife looked through the peephole and saw clubs fire. They wrapped the child in a blanket and quickly taken to the street. Their apartment fire will not hurt, it was flooded with water, which put out a fire.

DSC 0805Kogda firefighters arrived and began to put out the house, they began to beat shock — say the residents of the home. According to the people, the rescuers have put rubber boots, and they were able to put out the normal apartment. According to the man on the third floor, the time before the arrival of firefighters passed very slowly. However, according to residents, fire engines arrived in less than ten minutes.

Another woman from the third floor also suffered: the evacuation she closed the door, and her apartment burned down. Our journalists she declined to comment. She was still shaking with fear, but after the fire was twelve hours.

DSC 0799Na riser where the explosion occurred, severely burned apartment on the fifth floor. Fortunately, no one was there. The apartment is on the third floor of the explosion sank ceiling.

Now home runs emergency services, in the morning gasman of review. The smell of burning is carried by the wind across the neighborhood.

Opposite the house is a kindergarten instead of walking on the kindergarten, children run to the fence garden — look at the burned-out apartment.

Residents suggested that the explosion was due to a leak of natural gas. But they do not rule out that the cause of the explosion could serve as a gas, because after the fire, he was near the apartment.

Source: Kerch.FM

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