Gentle Whitening

An innovative approach to the problems of the oral cavity

Have you ever wondered what antibacterial ingredients contained in toothpastes can harm health? Recent studies have shown that not all toothpastes are equally useful. For example, many pastes contain triclosan substance that kills harmful bacteria, not only the mouth, but also the beneficial intestinal bacteria. That is why, despite the huge variety of different brands of toothpaste, it so difficult to choose the single, which will be really useful.

Caring for the health of its customers, the company "Neva cosmetics" has released an innovative toothpaste "New Pearl Totals 12 + Gentle Whitening", containing the patented ingredient Optafresh ®. Functionally, the new development is the equivalent replacement of triclosan: Provides clinically proven The noon protection the bacteria that cause bad breath, helps to preserve the freshness of breath and protects enamel from harmful acids. The principal difference between the complex Optafresh ® is that it has a highly selective antimicrobial activity and is active against intestinal bacteria and other microorganisms. The effectiveness of daily use toothpaste "New Pearl Totals 12" confirmed more than 60 clinical studies (tested more than 15,000 subjects). Data analysis confirmed significant reduction of mouth odor as compared with the level before the application of paste. In addition, a direct comparison of all the products tested showed significantly greater reduction in sensory perceptible breath after applying concentrate Optafresh ® compared to market products1.

Besides the unique component of tooth pasta "The New Pearl Totals 12" contains a special whitening complex that no peroxides and oxidants polishes dental coverage. Thus, unlike most bleaches pastes, it has a low abrasiveness, so does not injure the enamel.

"The New Pearl Totals 12" — a paste for the whole family, which can be used even children (from 12 years). She fights with twelve teeth and gum problems, including the most common: the formation of tartar and plaque, gum disease, tooth decay. Toothpaste has a two-tone (white and blue) helium-based and has a soft and refreshing taste with the addition of clove notes.

A pleasant bonus to the purchase of the "New Pearl Totals 12 + Gentle Whitening" with a patented complex Optafresh ® will be for you its best price: the cost of this dental paste on average 40% less than the cost of pastes with identical functions


"Neva Cosmetics" today is one of the top three manufacturers of cosmetics in Russia. In 2009, the company celebrated 170 years. In stock — more than 50 kinds of cosmetic products manufactured on the basis of a variety of natural ingredients. In the development of new products constantly — to remain one of the leading manufacturers in the rapidly growing field of cosmetics and personal care.

"New Pearl" — a popular brand with a 30-year-old, who won the trust of consumers and dentists, has a large collection of high-quality toothpaste for adults and children, the same quality as the leading global peers. Production of the series is manufactured using modern ingredients and formulations based on advanced technologies.

Toothpaste "New Pearl" to cope with any problems that may threaten the teeth: to protect against tooth decay and gum disease, will prevent plaque and tooth sensitivity, will give a breath of freshness, provide anti-bacterial and whitening effect. This is why toothpaste "New Pearl" is chosen by millions of people today, it has become a truly "national brand."

1 Clinically proven

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