Georgia because of aftershocks collapsed mine


TBILISI, January 6 — News-Georgia, Natalia Smolnikova. As a result of the collapse of the reservoir at the mine in Tkibuli January 6 injured two miners, told the "News-Georgia" the president of the union workers of metallurgical, mining and chemical industries Tamaz Dolaberidze.

According Dolaberidze caused the collapse of the preliminary data, were small tremors.

"At the moment we identify the causes of the collapse. One miner is already at home, and the state of the second — the stable, "- said the head of the union.

Tkibuli in 2011 killed five miners and five miners were injured. The last time the collapse of the mine in Tkibuli occurred on November 24, then killed 50-year-old miner Sergi Ashot and another worker of mine — Alexander Shugladze was injured.

Earlier in the year, three times already in the mine of coal to them. Mindeli occurred emergencies. November 6 at the collapse of the ceiling in the 4th section of the mine killed two miners, the explosion, which occurred on September 9 killed one miner and an explosion in the mine on the night of January 22, another miner was killed and four were wounded.

In 2010, the mine in Tkibuli killed eight miners.

Source: News Georgia

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