Ghosts live mainly in England




A small anthology "Carriage Ghost. English ghost stories" — pretty funny excursion into the history of this literary genre.

Of course, ghosts are found everywhere. But England for some reason they are particularly fond of. Albion — the birthplace of ghosts, even if it is not from a historical point of view. In the end, England gave us the novels of Ann Radcliffe, "Monk" Lewis and "Dracula" Stoker. It is no accident, Alexander Pushkin wrote:

British muse stories
Disturbed sleep damsel
And now it has become an idol
Or brooding vampire
Or Melmoth, gloomy vagabond
Or Wandering Jew, or the Corsair,
Or the mysterious Sbogar.

Not to mention the fact that only the English writer (more than being known) had the idea to photograph a ghost. Be that as it may, the British fog, probably contributed to the fact that the stories about ghosts do not depart from the pages there the works of art. Anthology "The coach ghost" stories were writers XIX-XX centuries, including Amelia Edwards, Margaret Oliphant, Henry James, Algernon Blackwood, Hugh Walpole, and others. Funny, that's nothing particularly awful in the stories do not. The modern reader with imagination, corrupt cinematic horror, is unlikely to be impressed, for example, when reading the stories about the young lady who sat for hours, staring at the window of some rooms, and dosidela to hallucinations (Margaret Oliphant "Window Library"), that is, those seen in the room who are long dead. And it's not horror as such, this little book is wonderful (especially as anthologies, collections of Gothic literature published over the past ten years, repeatedly). The book is curious not only presented for the first time in the Russian translation of the texts, not only in that it allows even trace the development of the genre of "ghost story" but, perhaps, in the first place because it gives an idea of the tone, of prosody, if you want a classic, "old" story, with all its essential attributes, the atmosphere of mystery, with the naive flustered before the beyond or, alternatively, with an ironic grin on his behalf. However, the irony — it is sunset, the decadence of the genre. When it was not enough that ghosts are dead, but have forgotten how to talk about them.

The coach is a ghost. English ghost stories / Per. from English. Brilovoy L., M. Smoking, S. Sukharev. St. Petersburg.: ABC-Classic, 2004. — 256 p.

Nikolay Alexandrov


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