Global warming threatens to lovers of pasta?

April 14, 2013. Mark Hertsgaard is responsible from the pages of the magazine «Newsweek»: «Pasta consist mainly of wheat, and scientists say that with the increase global temperature wheat crops around the world will suffer enormously. " Indeed, of the three crops that form the basis of the human diet — wheat, corn and rice — that wheat the most sensitive to temperature increase.

Professor at the University of North Dakota Menhi Frank believes that wheat grows best in cool seasons, and that high temperatures have on its growth and harvest negative impact. Scientific projections indicate that by the year 2050 due to the increase global temperature wheat production could fall by 23% -27%.

The best proof of these projections is an example of the growing season in 2012, when, because of the strongest drought in half a century wheat yields significantly affected. This has led to a decrease in the number of livestock, higher prices for beef and increase the price tag in the field of nutrition.

In anticipation of the future, food companies have already attended breeding wheat varieties that can grow in very dry or very humid climates, to the delight of all fans of pasta.

Source: Meteovesti

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