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Russia has officially allowed to poison people with bread

Now, to have a child, or a mutant himself to go to the light, enough to eat every day bun …

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24.08.12.Zerno and flour in Russia may start handling a toxic gas which causes mutations. Poison gas bromomethyl, from which during the Soviet Union lost many workers agro-back in Russia. Now they have, to the horror of experts, again legally allowed to handle grain, flour and cereals: it is included in the state distribution of pesticides.

Scientists once developed the bromomethyl and have achieved prohibition of its use, consider it a triple-action weapon. First, the gas can accumulate in the grain, and the bread is not only toxic, but "food" for the mutations. Second, it destroys the ozone layer, which is why was banned for use in the world of the Montreal Protocol. Third, it kills those who worked with him. Who need to release the genie out of the bottle — in investigating special correspondent "MK".

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"We are tired considered dead bodies"

by the way

In 2010, Israel arrested a former employee of the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for the control over the use of dangerous pesticides. An official authorized the illegal sale of tens of tonnes of methyl bromide. Part of the poisonous gas was later found in farmers' warehouses. A few years before this warehouse in southern Israel criminals stole six tonnes of methyl bromide. The theft, according to investigators, were most likely involved in the Palestinian extremists who could conceive the spectacular attacks with this toxic gas. Given the adverse impact it has on the ozone layer, the production and use of methyl bromide is banned in many countries, so do not rule out the version stolen material for commercial purposes — selling it abroad.

Methyl bromide, or metabrom (as it is called, when used as a pesticide), — a volatile gas, chemicals first class of danger. Scientists say in one voice: a terrible thing. But once, in Soviet times, it did much at stake as a pesticide that kills pests in grain, flour, cereals and animal feed.

— I participated in the "birth" of methyl bromide in the country — said the head of the Laboratory Institute of grain, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Gennady mortgage. — We have developed several technologies fumigation (pest) this poison. He bribed that was cheap and kill all kinds of insects. But since the early 90's, when there were alternative for methyl bromide, I personally and my colleagues were against it. We do this for one simple reason — because of its use of loss of life. I myself as an expert involved in the investigation of the death of the mills, bakeries and warehouses. Here, for example, fumigation in the mill. Elapsed time during which the gas was completely erode, devices showed that the air is normal. But bromomethyl ass in a desk drawer. Mill worker came in the morning, and began to rummage in it and died on the spot. There was a case in Moscow in the 80's, in the capital fumigation teams. The employee was driving cylinder that was missing of a milligram of the gas because the valve is not fully twisted. In SRI Sklifosovsky where it delivered the next day, a man entered the antidote, but it was too late. Or the most ridiculous case in 90 in Sokolniki. Held in stock fumigation with methyl bromide, and climbed back over the fence a couple of guys — wanted to steal two bags of flour. The case was a Sunday, they knew no one. So they left there … I still remember when we were buried in Cherepovets familiar bakery worker, who died unexpectedly. He was 42 years old only. I asked to do the analysis on the blood levels of methyl bromide, and suspicions were confirmed: the poison was much higher than normal.

Worst of all — not even a gas mask can not guarantee absolute protection. There were cases of fatal poisoning when a shut-petal mask got one … the hairs from his head! This small gap enough to man died in terrible agony.

Insidious killer

The problem is that the bromomethyl has no color, no smell. Suspect him of leaking virtually impossible. The only thing with which we can determine its presence in the air — indicating halogen burners. But they start to slightly change the color of the flame only when methyl bromide concentrations above 50 mg / m cubed, and a maximum permitted — 1. That is, if the gun is revealed, it's time to run for the white slippers, as has already occurred intoxication. Scientists knew that the real number of deaths from gas can not even count. Overt signs of toxicity it is they do not. And who would ever think to check the blood level of each corpse of a methyl bromide?

Is actually much worse than what bromomethyl — the only fumigants, which comes into sorption with elements of grain and remains there. In the Soviet years was approved permissible residual gas. But the problem is that it is very difficult to control. In SRI conducted scientific works that show — even if fumigation is carried out in the same mode (the amount of gas and the time of the standard), in some case, it may be an overabundance metabroma in grain.

Meanwhile, getting into the body and bread, cereals, will slowly build up poison in it. And experiments in rats have shown that excess of the minimum dose can cause serious disturbances in the brain, the kidneys, and even mutations.

— What is the meaning of such a risk when there is a lot safer with this view of pesticides? — Exclaims the mortgage. — Dozens of them, for example, only on the basis of phosphine gas. This is also a highly toxic gas, but, first, he did not enter into the chemical sorption of grain, and, secondly, even the smallest leak can smell it right away (makes a nasty smell of rotten fish, which pierces even through the mask) and save . So all relieved when bromomethyl stopped using.

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Wait, do not destroy

Reactivate bromomethyl the State catalog of pesticides and agricultural chemicals permitted for use in Russia, businessmen tried in 2006. Then made against the grain and the Federal Institute of Scientific Center of Hygiene them. F.Erismana. Quote, signed by four leading experts: "… do not believe it possible to register the drug metabrom as a fumigant for grain cereals, seeds, legumes, cereals, animal feed …" The experts even for his registration as a soil fumigant in greenhouses demanded an investigation (to indicate Can then bromomethyl kept grown on such land lettuce, eggplant, pepper, parsley, dill and celery).

And now, after five years of legalized gas under the trade name "metabrom" could still. It was included in the list of pesticides in 2012. This time it was not some kind of a commercial firm, and FSUE "Federal Republican fumigation team." I note that it is subject to Rosselkhoznadzor and its main task — to protect our country from entering the quarantine facilities. But in addition to, as it were, the basic unit of work also deals with "part-time job." And it handles grain and flour from the simple (quarantine) pests for money. And what is interesting, since he registered metabrom, now has a monopoly on its use throughout the country.

By the way, elevators and flour mills require to enter into a contract with the decontamination is fumigation teams (as public enterprises) and not with someone else. On this occasion, "excited" by the FAS, there were a few ships. The Supreme Court sided with the companies. In its decision of 28 May 2012, he confirmed that item on the organization of work on disinfection by fumigation, providing that the jurisdiction to do so Rosselhozu businesses lost power.

But back to metabromu. How does the substance itself fumigation? Imagine an ordinary warehouse, where pour about 3 million tons of grain. Bring gas in cylinders (under pressure it is a liquid), open the valve, and it evaporates. Warehouse thus should be perfectly sealed, and workers not only in gas masks, but also in protective suits as bromomethyl enters the body including the skin.

— But in the Soviet years, although there were people who knew how to work with the gas — experts say the National Center for Plant Quarantine. — Now many of them are alive or not, or whether they are retired. Need the latest equipment, which would have shown the concentration of drug in the air, training courses, etc.

— Do not, — the member of the expert council of "World Security" Vasily Yatlenko. — Meanwhile, there are reports that Republican fumigation team wants to register metabrom and 2013th. According to our data, the drug have been actively used in various fields of agriculture. While he was in Russia should be not only for grain, and generally denied!

The fact that Russia has signed the Montreal Protocol, designed to protect the ozone layer. And in accordance with the protocol, all countries should have more in 2010 to come to the zero level of production and use of methyl bromide, because he is the strongest ozone destroyer. Exceptions are made only for the protocol of quarantine treatments. And there is a decree of the Russian Government, which indicated that all the substances that deplete the ozone layer, it is possible to import and export from the country only in the cases provided except the Montreal Protocol. Naturally, the usual treatment of grain does well there is not entered.

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"Gas will … more»

Therefore it is surprising where there FSUE "Federal Republican fumigation team" takes metabrom, banned by the international community. Make it stop, according to scientists, all countries except Israel. But from there, according to the documents, he did not arrive in Russia. Here that responded to the request in the Belgorod customs, through which he, in theory, would have to go: "The export and import of ozone-depleting substances in the States that are parties to the Montreal Protocol, under license issued by the competent authority of the state. During the period from 2011 to the present customs declaration methyl bromide has not been. "

Meanwhile, the Internet offers metabrom wholesale lots not less than 5 tons. But how? Stocks from the Soviet era? Smuggling? Deal with it — a direct duty of the investigating authorities.

Incidentally, in the Astrakhan region metabroma scandal erupted late last year. True, it was not a grain, but of wood.

— Companies can not put wood in Iran, because they were not given permission — say in the Astrakhan Chamber of Commerce. — Before sending her to handle. So Republican fumigation team, which carries out disinfection, does so methyl bromide have. We categorically against. This fumigation extremely dangerous to humans and the environment, requires special conditions. And we have all the piers are located in a residential area. Yes, and this is a direct violation of international standards that prohibit the use of this poison.

Each month the timber sent from Astrakhan 60-70 thousand cubic meters and a fumigation costs 100 rubles. That is 6.7 million rubles in net profit. Is for that fight. In general, for fumigation, according to some, in Russia earn tens of millions of dollars a year.

Not long ago, FSUE "Republican fumigation team" purchased "Mercedes-Benz 500E." On this occasion, the deputy Gudkov even quipped: "No brainer that control pests in the fields can be only on the" Mercedes "E-class for 5 million. Any other car damn parasites ignored. And do not leave. So you want to harvest — shell, gentlemen taxpayers. Because if a Republican fumigation team will not be the "Mercedes" of 5 million, all is lost! The country has a famine — at least. "

Fumigation team considered almost a mad scientist, who now made noise. They say that the poison is not dangerous and that there is no need to worry. Rosselkhoznadzor on the side of their "wards". Officials and experts say — not discredit, they say, gas, it will still … Who is it? Scientists believe that if it will apply everywhere (as urged by officials), it will lead to disaster. And if it falls into the hands of criminals and he will use it to get rid of unwanted people? It's an almost perfect murder weapon. Spray a small container on the street — and the quarter extinct … not accidental gas so interested extremists.

Please consider this an official publication of the appeal to the Government of the Russian Federation, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and the Federal Service of the Russian Federation, and we hope to answer the following questions:

• Why are banned by the Montreal Protocol gas began to be used for grain?

• How and where to Russia comes a poisonous gas?

• How can manufacturers ensure that the mutation causing the poison will remain in the grain, if that even scientists are not sure?

• Whether or not the packages of bread wrote that he baked from raw materials, processed methyl bromide have?

Material: Eva Merkacheva

Source: MK

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