Grand Masters Masonic Lodges gathered in Riga


On Saturday, April 16, at Islande Kipsala opened the first ever joint meeting of the Lodge of Latvia liberal Freemasons, and the 5th International Conference "secular spirituality."

As previously noted member of the Riga City Council Janis Martins Skuja, both events are unprecedented events in the history of Latvia and the Baltic States.

The event attended by representatives and Grand Master of the Masonic lodges in seven European countries.

According to the portal, meeting organizers and the international conference was the Grand Orient Lodge of Poland, and established in 2009 the Latvian bed liberal Freemasons Moria.

The conference discussed whether spirituality only religious monopoly, can be secular spirituality as Freemasons understand spirituality, what form of spirituality can offer Freemasons society, how important in the XXI century struggle for the separation of church and state, and much more.

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