Grebennikova platform — a new look. Continued Part 2

7. If such devices, is at the leading world powers, as they are, all who were able to understand the principles of movement in these mechanisms, that is, the device has a fantastic, from our point of view, the performance characteristics (optical invisibility, radar invisibility, a huge , comic speed, lack of inertia at the start and maneuver, quiet, unlimited range, the possibility of spacewalks, and even without any energy input), then the question arises, why then squadrons of such devices are not in service of our Air Force, and why we are flying on old American Boeing and our astronauts, until now, sitting in the old model 60's, spacecraft?

8. As I see it, the main thing in these devices without propulsion and control system. Grebennikov, almost paid with his life for that of his management system, was not reliable. If you have made sure your platform has lost weight, and you along with it, the important thing now is to go back. For him this was a primitive mechanical system of rods, bred on the steering column. No automation. Remember, he wrote that the movement of the platform requires intense concentration, and very tiring. Why? The control system of its platform provides three types of motion, the vertical rise (probably open fan), the horizontal movement (probably tilt in both groups of fans before, during acceleration, back when braking) and spread (probably skewed 2 groups of fans in different directions). However, after the climb in forward flight, it was necessary to maintain the "train", ie, the optimum altitude. Not too low, not to "collect" factory pipes, power lines, etc., and not too high so as not to collide with the aircraft (it is necessary, they too fly "Echelon"), and did not lose consciousness from lack of oxygen. This is why the steering column, set the altimeter, it is a vital tool, not a compass, as regards "the researcher photos» Dragons Lord. By the way, it drew the attention of one of the visitors to the museum, Grebennikova in Novosibirsk (give the address, if anyone knows, I will go and have a look.) So, as soon as you score high, you need to save it. In front of your eyes, the altimeter in the hand grip traction control. The situation is not very stable. It is not enough just to fix the handle latch is probably correctly observed Dragons Lord, must be constantly looking at the altimeter, during the flight, to maintain the desired height by adjusting the rod handle. It's a motorcycle you can simply hold the handle "gas" in a certain position, and you'll just go a little faster or a little slower on the platform, you'll be flying with a constant or climbing, or with permanent loss of her. Both are going for you is fraught. In order to altitude in flight is automatically maintained, being given a pilot, you need a "machine height," ie, an electromechanical device that measures the distance to the ground, compares with the set, and provides controls for vertical thrust error signals. The system settles down, when there is no error, ie, the measured height coincides with the set. If there is no such system, it is necessary to manually looking at the altimeter, or visually on the Earth all the time, and probably very carefully, turn the knob to pull. As I said earlier, the situation is not extremely stable, it is similar to the situation of hydrostatic weighing. May have heard about Galileo thermometer. It is a simple device. In the high narrow vessel liquid such as water. And it float floats, the density of material which is practically equal to (but slightly different in all) liquid density in the vessel. The density of the liquid changes depending on temperature. With decreasing temperature, it is naturally increased, and start to float floats, since the easiest, then harder, and so on. Each float is set to a certain degree. So, the difference in weight of these floats to 4 decimal places grams of weight. Submarine and is submerged in the water, ie, in a state of hydrostatic weighing, without moving also in a very unstable position, the slightest change in water temperature or salinity (eventually the density of water) results in the fact that it begins to sink either, or float. Saving a given depth, requires constant work arrangements and, therefore, energy consumption. And wrecks, do not get stuck suspended at depth, all ultimately fall to the bottom. On the platform, too, rising to a height and locking knob, you will not remain at a fixed height. Any change in the position of stars in the sky, the sun, moon, planets, which may have lead to the fact that you will either go up further, or begin to fall to the ground. Flying on a similar device, equipped with no automation, perhaps most, like riding a unicycle. However, if GREBENNIKOV could on his "scooter", afford to be without the flight automation, then it can not afford any solid aircraft or passenger or cargo or especially military. For safety, they should be equipped with at least the following systems: autopilot, navigation system, altimeter, communication systems in the Earth, automatic forward-looking, and if it is a military unit, the system and weapon control (target detection, guidance, control ). And here, start a big problem.

9. The fact that writes the GREBENNIKOV when flying platform inside the "cocoon", time flows more. And if so, modern radio equipment, to create gravity flight automation platform, it is not suitable. The "heart" of almost any wireless device is the clock. It is he who sets the rhythm of the instrument. It determines the grid frequency of any radio transmitter and a radio receiver, the operating frequency of the radar, the speed of the microprocessor. If the time in the "cocoon" runs at a different speed, and change the speed of the clock. And if the calculator, it is not very important, well, a little faster or a little slower believes, for communication systems and satellite navigation (GPS, GLONASS), it is "a disaster." They just will not work. That is, until the platform is, everything works as soon as moved, operating frequencies shifted, all upset, does not work. The stability of operating frequencies, a problem that in the radio, very seriously. Operating frequency generators stabilize quartz resonators. If more stability is needed above crystals were placed in thermostats. If you need even more precision, then use atomic frequency standards and time. For example, a satellite navigation system for GPS, are atomic (cesium) clocks. But this is not enough. Each day, the course of the watch is adjusted from Earth. The fact that the motion of the satellite in orbit, the emitted frequency, which serve to locate vary due to the Doppler effect, and if correction is not administered, the seat position detection error may be hundreds of meters. And this is for modern navigation systems completely unacceptable. Well, that's half the trouble. Because of the effect does not appear to be that radio waves just will make their way to the outside, as in other matters, and light. So, no radar, radios, range finders, radio altimeters (including laser), satellite navigation systems will not work. For such devices, requires a totally new avionics, probably built on other physical principles. By the way, on-board computer system will have to have a speed of several orders of magnitude higher than it is now available. Flight speed of such platforms — space. For devices for interplanetary missions will require a completely new system of astro-navigation and flight control, otherwise it bude flight each way.

10. There is another problem, no less important, is the biological protection of the crew from the fields and radiation encountered when using the propulsion system in flight. Chances are normal, anti-radiation suits will not help. What fields, the intensity, the effects of impact on living organisms, biological methods of protection — the subject of serious study. Otherwise, the platforms will fly some bombers. I do not think that all these problems have been solved, even in countries with a high level of technical development. I'm not saying already about our unhappy home. The process of creation and development goes. But it will take probably more than a decade to bring everything "to the mind." But now, you can probably download to a device, the atomic bomb, and take her anywhere, even in manual mode. In this case, neither the radar nor any missile defense system will not notice. But the policy has gone further. What would you have not engaged in Russia, everywhere — politics.

11. If we know that they know that we know what they are? And do we have it, why do we still conventional forces (SMF)? Well, a rivet, a couple of thousand of these platforms more and more powerful, and would keep them at the ready? This is the ultimate weapon. And it is very cheap. But officially, then no power, this is not recognized. But military parity should be maintained. It is necessary to agree about not using, at least, first. And those contracts are. Maybe it's just a verbal "gentlemen's agreement", but rather it is a secret agreement, written as it should on paper. As for conventional weapons systems, the more they will produce for a long time. Well, first of all, they can be applied against those who do not have such a platform, and secondly, the defense industry, wants to "eat". Who would voluntarily give up those huge denzhisch that fall off for defense. Although, looking at our armed forces, especially in aviation, navy, and SRF, it seems that our leaders, have given up on it all. That only is the story with the creation of the "Bulava", and submarines under it. Boats are, they have no missiles. The collapse of the defense sector of the economy, especially in science and engineering businesses, and constant massive cuts in the military, suggests that all this is now no longer relevant. Well, not suicide, is sitting there?

So, here is inciting, all the above, it concludes:

1. Platform we have and they fly.

2. On-board equipment for them, perhaps, not yet.

3. Must have for the pilot, biological control agents.

4. The platform can be used as an absolute weapon.

5. Information on the principles of the movement, and to manage such devices is the Lyrids worth of close attention of all security services.

6. Any true information about it from the media, will be withdrawn or distorted.

7. With the most stubborn and talk too much.

By the way, I read somewhere that the original book Grebennikova "My World", contained 500 pages, was published in the end 300, a little. The very first GREBENNIKOV gives announcement for the device description of the device, and then writes that he had to distort the original text. Perhaps with it too, "spoke".

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