Ground failures in Krasnoyarsk and Tver. Video

Karst holes

During the day on several streets of Krasnoyarsk failed asphalt

1.07.11.Zemlya from the wheels. For a day in Krasnoyarsk failed asphalt on several busy highways on the streets Bryansk, Kutuzov, Vavilov Maerchaka, Kalinin and at the entrance to the municipal side of the bridge in the right bank.

In the traffic police suggest that the well could be formed in the pavement in the rain, which was held yesterday.

"If the driver was in the pit, it must call the traffic police, to make this incident as material damage. And in court he will be able to recover the amount of damages to the owner of the road on which the accident occurred, "- said the DPS inspector Vladimir Kozlov.

Source: STRC "Krasnoyarsk"

"Black holes": the strong storm flows caused sinkhole in Tver

1.07.11.Perepolnennye livnevki and flooded streets — it's not all damage passed in Tver showers. Heavy rains caused the sinkhole in the center of the city.

"Black holes" formed on Free Lane, where children play. Luckily, at the time of the failure of the people was not close.

5 meters in length and 2 in depth — this failure came close to a playground. Not far away is a few apartment buildings. They were built on the banks of Tmaka. Experts say that the ground is weak.

Elena Ivanova, who lives in the house number on the Free 1g Lane, said: "There was a big rain, it collapsed, and the guarantee that the entire area does not collapse?".

The reason for the incident — strong storm flows. They have washed away the earth. As it turned out, under the swings, slides and swings are abandoned underground rooms.

Irina Travkin inhabitant of the house № 1 g on the free lane, said: "At this place was even pre-revolutionary pasta factory, and when they began to build the house, they just poured on top. All basements are free, we, when entered, was still seen its foundation, as well — all the powder on top. "

According to local lore, in the Free lane in the second half of the XIX century was a quarter Kurowski baths. At the beginning of XX century there were industrial buildings. Then homes.

In the administration of the Central District of Tver say that the houses are solid, no threat to the residents there.

Nikolai Gordeev, Deputy Governor of the Central District of Tver, said: "In the near future hold podsypku. Area will be under surveillance. "

Source: STRC "Tver"

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