Gun Yarigina

Gun Yarigina Gun Yarigina

IL gun design Vladimir Alexandrovich Yarygin was created at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant in accordance with the tactical and technical specifications of the competition for a new gun for the army and law enforcement agencies to receive the title of «Rook». TTP was formulated in January 1991 and in the coming several times changed. Work on the design of new instruments were launched in 1993. Jointly developed with a gun and a new cartridge, which was due to the breakdown outshine and stopping power as the Russian 9? 18 and 9 NATO? 19 rounds. It was decided to improve the brakes on the cartridge 9? 19 (9mm Parabellum).
Automation operates as a use efficiency in the course of a small trunk. Locking by means of decreasing the breech entering their rectangular projection located above the chamber which the window to eject spent cartridges bolt shroud. Decrease occurs with the assistance of an inclined surface of the inner groove in the tide breech with the axis of the slide stop. The frame and the shutter-casing made of carbon steel, and the barrel — stainless. Shock-type firing mechanism, double act with automatic staging trigger safety catch on. Open the trigger located on the sides of the gate is closed rear shroud to prevent engagement of the trigger when removing guns for odezhku or items of equipment arrow.
Trigger pull when you work in the DA mode is 5.8 kg, and the preparatory cocking — 2.6 kg. Such values ​​are good for army guns, providing sufficient security in the appeal with a loaded gun. Levers oboestoronnego safety lever on both sides of the frame, above the handle. When you turn on the trigger locked in any of its provisions, trigger, sear and bolt shroud. Slide stop lever is located on the left side of the frame. The ejector is also a pointer to the presence of a cartridge in the chamber.
Latch shop, placed on the left side of the frame at the base of the trigger guard might just be rearranged on the right side. Box magazine holds 17 rounds with double their location, as well as two-lane exit. Sights consist of front and rear sights, fixed in the groove of the «dovetail» with the possibility of making amendments to the side. Front and rear sights are equipped snow-white inserts to simplify and accelerate targeting criteria in low light. Cheeks handles the manufacture of plastic. The frame and the shutter-casing is made of carbon steel. The barrel is made of stainless steel by forging cool, and its channel chromising.
 Gun Yarigina Gun Yarigina
Paramount importance and used in PYA chuck 9? 19. Key features and benefits of a new cartridge, get the index 7N21 is armor-piercing bullet with an iron core protruding from the shell. As a result, significantly increased the breakdown of the bullet, which was the main requirement to the brand new cartridge. The bullet itself has a mass of 5.4 g, the initial speed of 450 m / s and the energy of 550 J. This cartridge can be used in any part of the modern gun caliber, IL, in turn, can shoot at least what other patrons 9? 19.
Tula Cartridge Works and Novosibirsk plant producing low-voltage equipment and ammunition bullet with lead core, have the lowest price than armor. Upon completion of the final design work version of the gun was ready in 1995. Were made under several experimental models are popular in the U.S. cartridge .40 S & W, but in a series they went because of the lack of large customers for such an instrument in Russia. When debugging a sample 40-caliber appeared prepyadstviya reliability cartridge feeding, but they managed to solve entering into the design of an unusual item — a movable feeder.
After long work on the probable variations design, numerous improvements and updates, ready to gun IZHMEH th received the name of MP-443 MP at what should be read as Latin bukovkoy which are an acronym for Mechanical Plant (Mechanical Works). But for the official testing of weapons was assigned index 6P35. Research on the range of the Defence Ministry pistols tested with resource reliability of operation in normal and obstructed criteria (shooting without lubrication, temperature — 50 to + 50 degrees Celsius, in the criteria for dust, when rain). Total during these tests was made about 1500 shots.
 Gun Yarigina
Yarygin pistol showed most stringent compliance requirements of the Armed Forces. FSB officers praised the fighting properties Yarigina reference. The tests were successful and the gun was designated IL (Yarygin Pistol), under which in 2003 it took the Russian army and law enforcement agencies. But monetary and other difficulties do not allow full-scale rearmament. Currently, IL Yarygin pistols equipped only with some elite units of the Armed Forces, special forces, the FSB and GRU. On October 9, 2008 the Interior Ministry began to systematically replace the Makarov pistol on PCOS. But, again taking into account the same difficulties with financing and unlimited PM, used current employees and stored in warehouses, re-passes leisurely pace.
As though any weapon, IL has flaws and virtues. Angular handle is comfortable enough to hold. Manually operated fuse complicates appeal with weapons, but with constant training, he did not cause any problems. Closed sides trigger though the gun has no benign lever release the hammer can not be transferred to a frontal position manually. It is very difficult to appeal to the instrument. Significant drawback is the lack of design features benign descent hammers, actually became a design element of mandatory for all modern combat pistols. Sights made in the manner of Western models, equipped snow-white dots. Fly performed very broad. It should have been aiming to accelerate, but very negative impact on accuracy. In general, many of which had experience shooting from PYA noted an average accuracy at a distance of 25 meters. But it usually refers to the guns of early release.
Gate-highest housing PYA enough and powerful, which is why the center of gravity gun while holding it is perceived as being above the hand and has a tendency to «impaction» guns. Gun massive, heavy and has a considerable width. Very last event prevents the hidden relation, and a large mass load holder if the gun is worn constantly. USM different longish swing trigger, but at the same time move pretty smooth. Users were difficulties with the reliability of using cartridges Barnaul Machine Tool Plant, though ammo ammunition plant in Tula pistols always worked perfectly. At the current time Barnaul Cartridge problems not observed due to their increased property. Awkward partially disassembled, in comparison with the same or PM Glock, not to mention full. By shortcomings include the lack of slots for mounting tactical lights and laser pointer. Warranty nastrel PYA is 4000 shots that according to modern standards is simply unacceptable.
Gun Yarigina
Employee special Interior Ministry units having a large combat experience in the «hot spots» of gun IL «» Miracle «Russian weapons thoughts … Although, of course, the long-awaited type army pistol. Powerful, to the best ergonomic, with a spacious store. But …. I doubt that the Russian times it would have taken to arms. Gun openly «raw». Angular, with projecting parts, as if cut down with an ax. Quality production — accordingly. When shooting of 10 new sporting pistols ammunition issued for conducting firing exercises, from 2-pistols sticking occurred casings from 1st misfire and shot just after the re-pinned.
When gear shops sharp edges cut sponge fingers have to pick up ratfil. While increasing capacity to store one cartridge should be, and the holes move to control the number of rounds. Holes placed themselves on the right side, and so visually find ammo store absolutely necessary to remove from the handle or be left-handed. Move the holes on the left wall to the back of the store or perhaps, it was not likely. Magazine catch is left unprotected, accidentally pressed when wearing — not uncommon. In the best case, you can lose the shop, and at worst — to stay in the face of threats from the cartridge chamber empty, as if accidentally pressing the magazine catch it extends downwardly from the strip and slide chambering a cartridge slips past. A shop — sort of like in the handle, presses the latch … The store itself should have been done by store type APS, with bolshennymi windows or by store type PSM to facilitate reloading.
Gun Yarigina
Slide stop lever is located close to the fuse and when you click on one of the levers under the finger hits the other. On some relatively new pistols, bolt spontaneously breaks from the gate delay. The rear of the gate straight after openwork structure. Certainly, specially made for the collection of various debris, unlike PM and APS. Incision in the front of the shutter may craze and less. By using this incision fingers stumble upon the sharp edges of the front frame. Maybe it is used to verify the presence of a cartridge in the chamber, as do on foreign pistols? To do this, there is a pointer availability cartridge in the chamber. Oboestoronny safety lever. Not a bad decision. But when only the right-standard holsters, this decision remains unclaimed. Same can be said about saving the gun with the hammer cocked. Quite superfluous function. When removing the gun from the holster, just cock presents no problems. Especially since that samovzvodom on PYA Myagenkaya very first shot accuracy is not influenced.
Here’s what not to take away from PCOS, it’s smooth descent with a small stroke of the trigger when you return to the starting position and frisky return to the line of sight after the shot. For high-speed shooting it is more adapted. Similarity and trigger IL PSM course and not even noticeable spices. Why not make a fuse such as JMP and design and place it on the gate, providing simultaneous removal of the safety and cocking. And with all this, close the back of the shutter from clogging of the item. Projection on the front of the trigger guard for the index finger. Maybe he and increases accuracy — especially the differences I saw. Gun throws as well as in ordinary enough. And with such a wide bracket for conventional grip is not necessary to have an index finger, and the tentacle.
Sights to be done was streamlined to prevent engagement for operational odezhku or holster. The pistol has included only one spare magazine. Established Pst cartridges differ from those during firing exercises sporting cartridges 9? 19, the level of acoustic impact on the shooter, more recoil and a strong flash when fired. As a result, the shooter will find out about these features only when using a gun in combat criteria. When applying cartridges Pst indoors observed unsafe bounce, which can be corrected substitution at half wearable ammunition cartridges with lead-core bullets. In general, they deal with this gun … a complete analogy with Russian and foreign cars — similar, but something in our not … «
Yet, gun Yarigina possesses undeniable advantages compared with currently available in the army and law enforcement agencies PM. PYA recoil force and toss with the shot gun is substantially less than the Makarov pistol. IL has a good accuracy in the intuitive shooting offhand. Longish, wide front sight and rear sight very long longitudinal groove reduce the impact of glare during aiming. More necessary benefits PYA before Makarov pistol course is a combination of the used cartridges 9? 19, owns the highest breakdown and decent stopping power, and a large magazine capacity. But all of these properties fade before modern western Austrian, German, Italian, South American and that seems paradoxical, even Turkish combat pistols. The reason is ordinary — the design and assembly of PCOS are at the mid-1970s.
The main properties
Caliber: 9? 19
Length of gun: 190 mm
Barrel length: 114 mm
Height guns: 140 mm
Width guns: 38 mm
Weight unloaded: 950 g
Magazine capacity: 18 rounds

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