Gusevskaya schoolgirl brutally beaten girl. Video

Factors April in social networks video appeared in which several school girls beat the girl. On the video, filmed by a camera phone can be seen that one of the schoolgirls has deliberately kicked the victim in the head, the other girl is holding her by the hair.

Directing a scene beating the guy behind the scenes and hear his laugh warning "not to beat her to death." The "videoperator" notes that the injured girl "finish, and the ear of blood."

In turn, one of the schoolgirls repeats "I'll beat you till you drop dead." At the end of the video it shows the arm and says, "It's her teeth, Mr. Che fine mesh I?" Aggrieved after 4 minutes managed to escape from the captors.

The incident reportedly occurred on the outskirts of Gusev March 23 during the school holidays. Video, laid out in a social network "VKontakte", gathered a large number of views and comments.

According looked a video, the injured 16-year-old girl is in hospital with multiple injuries.

Later, the video has been removed from the site for violating the terms of service YouTube. The video is not yet available on the site VKontakte.

As the "Klops.Ru" victim girl Lena graduated school number 3 in Gusev, the day was walking with her friend Anna, students school number 6 with two guys. Soon they were joined by some Daria, student of the school № 1. Some time later, Daria was beating Lena, and also forced Anya keep her hands. Were with them guys did not break it up a fight, and calmly shot beating on a mobile phone camera.

Source:  Klops.Ru

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