Hail the size of a quail egg in Omsk


DHBs, June 10 — RIA Novosti, Andrei Lebedev. Hailstones the size of one and a half inches in diameter, fell on a Friday in Omsk, damaged the wheat fields of the Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture and gardens gardeners, RIA Novosti reported.

"Based on the information," Omsk CGMS-R "on the afternoon of June 10 and June 11-13 seats in Omsk and Omsk are expected to very heavy rain, thunderstorm in the afternoon — large hail, squalls with maximum wind gusts of 20-25 m / s, "- said in a Friday press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

According to authorities, due to the bad weather may clippings power and communication lines, falling trees and loosely structures.

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