Hair extension


Some extremely short of hair on the head, but someone grow extra. Service capacity restores the balance: the hair is given to one another. However, as it happens, many are very vague.

How to do it?

Hair extension system is that the "tails" in the 30-70 cm of 100% natural human hair attached to the hair by a distance of 0.5-1 cm from the roots. The longer the hair used, the more expensive it will be the procedure.

Hair that is used in home interiors, sometimes "come" European women, but most of the material for hair extensions come from Asia. Find out exactly what the hair will now be on your head, do not get: they are cleaned beforehand, evaporated pigment paint. And then stick in the temporal and occipital region or in a staggered, alternating organic and accrued locks.

Dya whom this procedure?

Need this procedure for those who do not have enough length, thickness, and color or bangs. Average price increase — $ 350-500. Bangs or multicolored strands cost $ 50-70, and will require only 20 minutes of time, instead of 2-5 hours at full capacity.

Expansion methods

The 'hot' hair

In a hot soldering technology and tacked between their hair becomes resin heated to a liquid state. Today learned to select the optimum melting temperature: low enough to be harmful to the hair, but high enough to be able to go to a sauna, a hairdryer to dry, curl and style your hair.

1. British technology. Master takes 35-50 hairs, fastened round keratin capsule and apply to the base of customer's hair. Then use the glue gun, he does organic keratin resin temperature of 230 ° and glues her own and donor hair. It turns out the spike, like a long risinku. In this case, the hair should be no shorter than 6 cm, or spike them just do not fit. On average, natural hair is built up of about 100-150 strands.

This technology is now considered somewhat outdated. The capsules are rather large, can slide or stick together, the hair the first time can comb out, and the resin does not allow the use masks and balms, as it can dissolve. And the term socks hair an average of 3-4 months. Furthermore, due to overheating of the hair burned.

2. Italian technology. This is a much more popular method: keratin capsules, which are attached to the hair, applied a centimeter from the roots and priplavlyaetsya to the beam of his hair special bilateral tweezers. Melting point — 160-180 °. More modern ultrasound machines, which melted keratin discharge ultrasound. At cooling capsules take the form of small flat elastic and transparent plates that are completely invisible. They generally do not allow the hair to get out, and they do not dissolve balms and masks and hair dyes. The colors usually offer 60-63 shade. Be "Italian curls" can be 4-6 months, and hair spoil less than the English technology.

"Cold" hair

Avoid thermal effects on the hair can be in cold technology capacity. In this case, the hair is not bonded by heating and cooling of the connecting material and by gluing or clamping. But this technology has its disadvantages.

  1. Spanish technology. Superglue Rueber applied to spike the hair, and then it is applied activator, and hair rolled up in a capsule. This material is not afraid of high temperature and chemical effects of cosmetics. But although the spikes are obtained small and flat, and they are very hard and can injure the scalp. Furthermore, unlike resin capsules are easy adhesive whitish hue, which has the effect of dandruff. Therefore, this increase is only suitable for blondes, and the women and those with hair length is 10 cm live on your head is a hairstyle for about 4 months. But to remove the "glue clips" will be extremely difficult.
  2. Japanese or Chinese technology. Technically, the procedure is very simple: metal beads are threaded and your donor hair and squeeze them hard, making a bundle. This procedure is suitable mainly for coarse hair, especially for Asian women because the metal capsule, too heavy and solid. This method eliminates the thermal or chemical effects on the hair, but the crochet hook, pliers and metal rings hurt the hair, no less. Besides beads typically include only 4-5 flowers, and they result in noticeable hair. The advantage of this method is that the hair can be extended even for very short haircuts: clip is attached at a distance of 5 mm from the skin. To create this mop of hair is enough 4:00 and 150-200 strands. Hold rings 4 months.

Artificial strands

Apart from the usual hair salons offer a variety of jewelry: dreadlocks with the capsule, the capsule with Swarovski crystals, strands of hair with feathers, braids with the capsule. In addition, it is now "Dutch technology": Hair extensions monofilament. After taking measurements master makes an order to the factory, where the selected hair, the hair is completely identical to the client.

Capacity is using hypoallergenic composition without heat treatment, the hair is really very similar to the natural ones. At the same monofilament stronger than regular hair, the same soft, easily makes painting, styling irons and hair dryer dries faster, curl holds better, do not tangle. In addition, it is virtually unchanged, that is, artificial hair after 3-4 months you can not change, and re-attach. However, such hair requires extra care with special drugs, fear of dust, friction, hard pillows. And, of course, the knowledge that the head attached synthetic fibers, the soul will fall is not for everyone.


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