Have you already bought a castle with ghosts?

Old castles in the world, as a rule, have legends and … ghosts. Buy a lock with a ghost — it was more recently fashionable and flamboyant. For all European ghost long ago told and written thousands of books. Are there any stories that you do not know?

Belarus — a country in which survived, after all the wars swept her little castles. The most famous castles in Belarus — Mir and Nesvizhski. These locks, thanks to thick walls is constantly cool, despite the heat of the summer. If the walls of your home is not the same as in ancient castles, to help cope with the heat chillers and fan coils. See what is on the market chillers and fan coil units on the site you will be able airclimat.ru.

Nesvizhski Castle — the former residence of the famous Prince Radziwill family, and it inhabits its legendary ghost — the Black Lady.

The story of this haunted castle in touching, romantic and tragic at the same time.

We have heard the legend from the mid-16th century, the unique beauty of the famous Barbara Radziwill, daughter of Prince Yu.Radzivilla. She married early, and after six years, she became a widow.

Heir to the throne of Poland Zygmunt August, fell in love with Barbara at first sight. And there could not separate the lovers, neither the fact that Sigismund was by then married, relatives Barbara. Both ran into this love as a pool — with his head. Sigismund and Barbara were married in secret.

Soon becomes King Sigismund. But his beloved queen legitimate recognize neither his mother — Bona Sforza, neither the court. A year later, Barbara died in terrible agony. Everyone was convinced that her mother had been poisoned by order of the king.

Sigismund was on the brink of madness by grief. He was willing to do anything to just at least once to see their favorite Basechku. At his request, the spirit of Pan Twardowski called Barbara. He warned in advance of the king, so that he did not touch the ghost in any case. When there was a ghost favorite, Sigismund could not resist and tried to embrace him. In a moment everything disappeared. It is said that Sigismund wanted to die in Nesvizhsky castle, where was the ghost of his beloved. But fate decides for us. King's death found in the Krakow castle.

Black Lady — Barbara lonely ghost haunting Nesvizh castle ghost Sigismund — lonely and unhappy — lives in Krakow.

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