Healers will withdraw Tyumen politicians to clean water




In Tyumen, there was a unique device for photographing the fields of mental and emotional person. Aurokamera based Polaroid — 2000 — Development Laboratory «NASA» (USA). The second such unit in Russia is located in Moscow.

The principle of fixation that can not be touched, is that Polaroid bear the physical body and the subtle world of human Proofreading comes with power outputs that are on the fingers. The very principle of the transfer of information on the human biofield to a regular photograph classified.

As told to the correspondent of the Internet publication «NewsProm.Ru» Tyumen exorcist, a healer, a full member of the Association of Folk healers and occupational health inspection of quality control of health and healing services in the Tyumen region Valentina Zakharova, the employees of the FSB Russia once tried to open a special chip on the principle of which works aurokamera, but he self-destructed.

The main purpose of such a device — to show the presence of a thin man in the world.

"All the problems of man in society, his sores begin at the level of subtle energy bodies. And it is treated like a sore tooth. However, to restore the aura — not our goal. It is necessary that people understand the principle of interaction with the aura of the universe. After all, the man himself in a position to establish the harmony and then he would be able to cope with their failures and disease. We just explain to people how to behave. Therefore, using this machine can really help the patient, not only morally, but also physically solve health problems ", — says Valentina Zakharova.

The colors on the resulting aurosnimke indicate the emotional state of the person. Gradation of colors in the esoteric goes from red to white. The more red in the photo, the lower the level of awareness in man. Yellow — an indicator of high intelligence, creative energy, the ability to exist in society and be successful. Green is present in the aura of people who can sympathize and empathize. Purple color represents the highest degree of perfect consciousness and experience. The rarest color — white, clean defining spirituality, holistic energy of the universe, you can tell the color of a holy man.

Moreover, the colors aurosnimke may vary depending on the person. "This is the main principle of treatment — make a person believe in a slim outline and give him the opportunity to try to correct their mistakes, that is become an elementary happy, "- says the Tumen healer.

Method of treatment of a person on the principle of recovery of the aura is based on the principles of Helena Roerich, the famous author of many esoteric works. Back in the 30's of the 20th century, it foretold the appearance of vehicles, fixing on high-speed film radiation a person's thoughts. "… And no one destroyer of light will not occupy official posts will not be admitted to the children. This will be a true certification of the people", — wrote Roerich.

"While many clerics deny the doctrine Roerich, the principles of individual human bio-field has its origins in religion it is. After a halo over the head of saints — a sign of divinity — not that other, as a special light spirit. It is very rare these days, and yet these people in my life I have met, "- said Valentina Zakharova, told« NewsProm.Ru ».

"When there aurokamera in the city, who first came to us — it's the doctors who long ago began to notice that there is a list of diseases that can not be treated by conventional methods. There are even practicing surgeons who come to me for sessions and then in the medical history of their patients put a photo of aura "- says Tyumen exorcist.

According to her, many aurokmera Tyumen citizens have helped. Someone found themselves in this life, someone has cured long-standing, not amenable to traditional medicine and disease. In the center of Tyumen spiritual rehabilitation ward council families, groups to solve problems.

Particularly suffer destruction of their aura of public trades people: workers television, actors, representatives of show business, politicians and public figures. "It is no accident at all times from any rulers had their astrologers, healers, sorcerers, etc. And now, in the administration of the Government of Russia, the State Duma has its so-called bioterapervy that reduce energy field ", — says Valentina Zakharova.

Of course, as long as Russian deputies does not have its aurokamery. But Tyumen politicians soon have the opportunity to test his power. April 16 in Tyumen will open the first regional conference of traditional healers "Traditional Medicine-2004", which will bring together experts from Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Moscow. At the meeting, will be demonstrated miracle machines, and the venue for the conference will be the city administration.

"First of Tyumen leaders to whom we offer to aurosnimok, is likely to be the head of the Tyumen Stepan Kirichuk" — promised Valentina Zakharova.


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