Held fire test engine 14D24

Liquid rocket engine (LRE) 14D24 (RD-0110R) development of "KBKhA" (Chemical Automatics Design Bureau, Voronezh) and the production of the Voronezh Mechanical Plant (VMP) is designed for use as a steering engine of the first stage rocket "Soyuz- 2-1b "development" Progress Samara Space Center. "

November 22 at booth KBKhA held fire test engine 14D24 (RD0110R). This test is completed ground testing the operation, including comparative, lapping and final development testing engine, with which fulfilled the basic tasks required by a comprehensive program of experimental testing

Steering 14D24 engine with integrated tank pressurization system supply fuel components, including main engine NK-33A, built using parts of the existing engine aggregates 11D55 (LRE III stage of the "Union") KBKhA team in cooperation with the VMP with limited funding and short term — two years after the receipt of the draft terms of reference for the development of the engine.

Currently manufactured engine 14D24 for interdepartmental tests, and work is underway to prepare engines for testing as part of the I stage of the bench and in the pH.

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