HlopkorAbov rebellion in Turkmenistan


Riot hlopkorAbov

9.11.11.Vpervye over the years in Turkmenistan, in the north of the country on November 8 experienced massive revolt cotton growers.

It happened on the second day of a three-day official celebration of the Muslim holiday of Kurban Bayram.

Buntovshikami workers were union zhilkomhoza Dashoguz velayat. They organized a cotton field left and returned to the city. On this day, the leadership of the utility had nothing to report to the administration of the province, because the single kilogram of cotton were collected.

It is unknown what was the last straw and the reason for the mass abandonment of the cotton fields of community services workers. According to some sources, people are angry at the fact that the leadership ZhETa, despite a presidential decree on the popular celebration of Kurban Bayram and the three-day weekend, you still send people to pick cotton.

According to others, the conflict came from behind to pay the citizens, which the local tenants refused to pay at all for the harvested cotton or pay it in minimal amounts, and this has caused resentment among the citizens. The situation got worse and cold weather. In those days the temperature dropped at night in places up to 12-15 degrees below zero.

The prospect of picking cotton in the cold and the cold wind, but not yet paid for it and the money to make people protest.

People left the field without the permission of the authorities. Together and organized. This is a serious state of emergency has caused a stir in the manual province. Urgently in Khyakimlik were summoned leaders of rebel organizations. As a result of the foreclosure governor received the chief town and provincial ZhETa and domoupravy whose janitors, plumbers, sanitation workers and garbage from the beginning of September became pickers.

Did not take long, and measures to punish those responsible and preventing this kind of cases of disobedience. Are not left behind and the staff of the local management of the national security and their secret agents. They are introduced to the people in orange uniforms, listen, who says what, and thus identify the instigators of rebellion. Some of the common people from the rebels, the most actively spoke in a cotton field, and then, after already summoned for questioning in urban management and held a "prophylactic conversation".

This was a riot intelligence perceive an attempt to undermine the foundations of a stable society. Most likely, the instigators will be severely punished in order to continue to discourage others to protest, and a lesson. Some workers voluntarily left the cotton field, has been fired.

Local authorities have taken all measures that happened on the day of the holiday did not get to the president.

According to information received from Turkmenabat here in early November, public sector workers gathered for cotton, but eventually allowed to go home because of the cold weather, but was ordered to sit by the phone and be ready to come on command and organized to go to the fields.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan

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